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  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • [SIZE=3][COLOR=seagreen]Hi Maria, sorry for the delay in responding, i get so busy and don't have much spare time, or i might fall into the "slough of despond". Anyhow my travels took me to North Devon where i stayed with my parents and children in a holiday caravan, we had a lovely time (too cold to go in the sea) but the weather was great. returned to Glasters after and spent the following weekend there. I've also been visiting a Rainbow circle camp at Avebury last week or two, just popping in for a couple of days at a time, to sit by the fire and chat. Good luck with the applications to the uni's - keep plugging away and you'll get there in the end. I'm not sure what the solstice will hold for me, i usually don't get to bothered about celebrating at particular times, i just take the opportunity whenever it arises. I'm due to go to the Northern gathering in a couple of weeks so that may have to be the substitute. In my life plans can change in the twinkling of an eye, so i hold things lightly as possible till i find myself actually there! what a way to live a life!![/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#2e8b57]Thanks for your frienship Maria, it's appreciated more than you know :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#2e8b57]It would be good to meet up sometime again, maybe after the silly season is over? x[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • Hi, I don't have any campsite details for Glastonbury only a park up :)
  • :hug:morning flower! :sunflower looks like another beeeeautiful day :monster: have a sunny choon :flower: and enjoy the weekend whatever you're up to!:sun:xxx
  • [SIZE=3][COLOR=#2e8b57]Hi Maria, i try my best to keep contact with everyone ...... but it's impossible! Yes i've been ok since then, just a little roller coastery as is the usual with me. Have you managed to see any of the other ukh members on your travels?
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ah! yes! how is your application for college going along?[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • Hiya hunny how you doing today we have lovley sunshine here so out in the garden for me you take care love sensi:)
  • let me know hun when it arrives
  • you too hunny x x x x lets hope the jacket is as fast
  • your card just arrived hunny many thanks jacket just gone in the post
    hope all is good with you have a top day
    love sensi