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  • eeerrrr... u alive?
  • hey mr matthew sorry havent relied to you been working lots, a few of us are perhaps meeting u pnext week if you fancy it?let me know Vx
  • you wrote on your own wall in stead of mine!!! yes we are goin to the gathering, we live really near you just near liskeard
  • it was sunny in cardiff. now it's not :-{
  • Amazing day ! Sun feeds us all. Wow just discovered gatherings near my place. Are you coming ?
  • hey cornwall person hope you are having a nice sunshine day!
  • :sunflower :lsd: morning flower! :hug: another sunny one here in the pool! so glad i don't have work. feelin an outdoors day's about to happen!!! my living room is full of rainbows....... :lsd: :sunflower hope you have a sunny one too! :)
  • Hi, I'm in a little place called St Neot. No problem with driving up to the town. Would be good to chat over the cuppa. Any free time this week. Cheers
  • aye - come over for coffee one day (i dont drive so will have to meet you in town?) camelford is wonderful - and windy, very windy - where on the moor are you? i love it up there :D
  • 03-04--2010 06:49 PMmaleckimatthew
    Big Londons smoke and M25 the biggest car park in the world.
    How's life in beautiful camelford? Stone throw across the moors.
    Would be good to meet up. Give me a shout. Cheers.
  • hi :) we're in camelford - not a million miles away... which big smoke did you move away from?
    welcome to the forums