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  • Morning Net!:D Hope you've enjoyed ukh this week! Have a great day!:D
  • :)You'll get there!!!
  • Yep In the test valley..ok but not my first choice. One day I would love to put roots down in real countryside...maybe Wales or Scotland. But for now my partner works in London and my kids go to school in Winchester so we're tied up for a while. I still dream though? Where do you think you will set off to when you get your house on wheels?
  • Morning Net!! I see you've swapped tv for ukhippy! Believe me it is just as distracting!!! Fun though...and a little more constructive I feel!!:)
  • no way man .. know just how you feel and had the same thoughts about 2 weeks ago.. i googled living in a van and found this sites now im on a mission to get a van.. wooo hoo. bring it on man. o and hello