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  • Oooh someone else in Leigh! Hello ^^
  • I'm good ta can't believe how much rain it's put down this morning. I'm in Chorley you?
  • Hi there just noticed you on the forum great to see a fellow Lancs hippy x
  • Hiya hunny good too see you hope all is well your end
    Lots of love sensi
  • hey hows things with you xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hiya sweetheart hows things
    you feeling any better
    sorry i havent been in touch much had a bit of a down time with lees illness and stuff but its ok now getting it together often think of you and kelly always talk about you too
    take care of your self and keep in touch
    big hugs sensi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hello mate how are you ? not seen you on here lately ? are you still biking ? I've started to get out more on my mountain bike not many mountains in the fens but theres some good byway you can use .Chat soon mate
  • Hiya hunni Hows things with you are you feeling any better
    Missed seeing you around
    Big hugs
    Love sensi
  • Hi Mate

    Not been on here for ages and seen you'd sent a request.

    Hope all OK.

    Take care
  • I'm great thanks!
    How are you? Take care x
  • Hiya Hun hope your feeling ok
    Great too see you here
    Love and hugs sensi
  • Hey man, thanks for the add. hope you are well :)
  • Thanks for the nice little poem on my stepdad rant. It was really lovely :)
  • wow fancy having your photos in mags! id love that! im mostly like photographing people as i love the results and in particuar with my own children i like to capture things i may not see them do again! its great when you get a pic of someone and they dont know you are doing it. i always get a better picture than when its posed. any tips for the perfect shot?
  • hi there
    thanks for the advice on the camera.
    i love yours but cant afford it at the mo! do you take pictures professionally or just for a hobby?
  • Friends is nice hun, thanks so much for the invite, blessings. x
  • Thank you hun, that was a beautiful thing you said about my little girls picture...X
  • Nice one for the friend request Mr Ice, I am full filling both of my new years resolutions now!!! My first is not to smoke!!! And my second is to make loads of friends in 2009!!! The first is easy cos I don't smoke! And the second...Well, you have started the ball rolling so thanks very much!!!! Hopefully this year is better than the last!!!
  • THANK YOU!!!
  • WOOOOOO I now got TWO friends in ma friends list.....LOOK>>>>>>>
  • thanks for adding me as a friend :)
    i was just reading your likes below, you sculpt candles too?
    do you have any of your work online?
    i think you have some amazing talent!
  • Nice one! just thought Id mention it incase you have never been. I do quite a bit myself and get up there every couple of weeks....Its great now since they have put in designated Bike tracks. some nice routes. Take it handy Mr Iceman and safe Biking!!!
  • Im at All Terrain Cycles :)
  • Hi Iceman

    I too work in a cycle shop with best part of 30 years riding under the saddle.

    Keep your wheel true & turning.

  • Do you ever get up to Grizedale forrest biking?
  • hi a bit bout me
    i likes
    native american
    folk music
    red ----seperate or a combination of the three
    black /
    arts n crafts
    candles (i also sculpt them myself)

    main thing i want is love and peace
  • Hiya matey, was wondering, as i know who your swapbox sender is ( its not me btw) could you list your likes and dislikes either on the xmas swapbos thread or here. Only shes in a right flap bless her cos she doesn't know what to send you and she wants to get it right.
    Cheers dude,
    Luv Willow xx
  • Hi, Iceman!!!!!
  • happy to be back with you all. and to re start life
  • Hiya hunni, havent seen you about for a while. good to see you again. :D