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  • Hey there sista it seems you are going though a bad parch in your life. I wish there was something that I could do beyond sending you good vibes . At a time of personal crisis I find it is better to avoid intellectual stimulation. If you can find somewhere else to live, you would be quite within your rights to complain to the local health inspector and get the place where you are currently living condemned and the landlord would would not be allowed to rent it out and be stuck with a white elephant.
  • just sent you pennies hunny
  • I'm in the same boat with the M.E, it's pretty bad at the moment ... we have mould in our flat and it's made the symptoms so much worse and added a ton of new ones to boot. I'm relaxing with some knitting and trying to take it easy. I'm on a break from uni at the moment because of the new illness, but I'm still reading up on things, it's actually really nice being able to read at my own pace instead of trying to take everything in quickly for an assignment. Veggie soup sounds yummy, save me some? ;)
  • Aww, thank you :). I've had a bit of a rubbish morning, so I'm having a quiet afternoon, I'm planning on making some veggie soup and staying in the house for a bit. I'm also feeling tired, I have ME and I've had a bit of a relapse lately, which is adding to my hermit-like behaviour :p.

    How's your degree coming on? You're doing something Psychology-related, right?
  • Hey Firinne, how are you doing?:)
  • Hello! I just wanted to pop by and say thanks so much for your advice yesterday, it was really appreciated :). I'm so glad you gave me a warning about Seroxat, I've researched it more thoroughly and found accounts of people committing suicide after just days of being on it, people attacking (and in one case, murdering!) friends and relatives while on it, and people taking decades to wean themselves off it :S, I can't believe my doctor even suggested it.
  • Happy Birthday
  • Hi there! How is Bitch'n Hitchin? I just only realised you are a short journey from me. If you fancy meeting up for a cuppa at some point let me know x
  • had a good weekend hows yours. got some straw for my babies welded some new hooks on tailey had a chat with mates on facebook ( how sad am i)
  • how do hows things in your life. mines fine just cold
  • Helloo! I was just wondering when you sent off the postcard and pendant i ordered, as they are yet to arrive! hope you're having a good week :)
    love and light
  • hi hun package just arrived the sea glass is beautiful i love it and i love the necklace such a statement piece really kind of you
    my daughter has claimed a bath fizz lol
    you take care and have a smashing day
    love and hugs sensi
  • awww thankyou hunny
  • you really are a beautiful soul hunny thankyou so much
    i must look forsomething special when in the lakes
    i think i know what you like
    hugs sensi
  • hi hunny we are going to leave this after having done the sums and realizing its less than three weeks to go to camping and i have to save its a no no
    but it is very beautiful hope you sell it soon
    hugs sensi
  • all paid hunny
  • thankyou i will always try and remember that;)
  • thanks got to do a job i promised to do nigthmare! and i have to see a scrap man the later will probo not happen ive got itchy feet i think ill buy a van of some sorts and go to the lakes or anywhere just fed uo of things grinding me down, must be positive, must be positive, :)
  • hi trying to stay positive but to be honest its a struggle its friday tomoro yippee, again thanks gor being a mate pity we cant have an offer a brew option on here hope uve had a good day finding things a bit struglleyy wuglley with the parents, dad hardly speaks to me its been like that since he had a stroke 2 years ago he can be really horrible then nice i still love him though.
  • Thanks for being a friend just love it on here if i have a bad day i feel the love from you guys,:thumbup: just nice to speak with just lovely people
  • hope you are all well
  • hi hunny book arrived today looks like an intresting read must remember too get your parcel sent off
    thanks have a great weekend much love sensi
  • hi hunny hope your well and you had a good weekend
    you take care love sensi
  • Hi Frinne, how have you got on with the stall ?....
  • Just emailed you! Hope you aren't too overwhelmed with all the work. Don't wear yourself out! xxx
  • Hi there! Did you get my email? Hope you are
  • my beads arrived! thank you very much!!
  • witch says earrings got here this morning hun and they are stunning!!! she loves them so much they are coming on holiday with us..... thankyou!!!
  • wotcha lookin at Copper! :)
  • LOL!!