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  • hope you're having fun in India! you best let me know all about it when you get back :) xx
  • [URL=""][IMG]…73_easter_egg_clipart.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Easter Egg design went from the traditional to the psycheldelic design round the time the Easter Bunny began growing his own grass.
    [COLOR=Purple][SIZE=5][B]Hippy Easter!!!![/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  • it did :)
    i hope you are enjoying India, i have always wanted to go. hopefully i will one day
    love & peace
    pixie xxxx
  • hi there :)
    i am full of spring today so thought i would spread some of the 'springness' around :)
    hope you are well.
    love & peace
    pixie xxxx
  • hahaha okay my bad, I have heard of him, But i never knew he lived on the island!
    Thats pretty cool. :)
    How are you this fine morning? :)
  • :o you havent heard of him!!


    He's climbed mount everest, set world records in doing so, survival expert, has his own tv show called Born Survivor.

    And thankyou for accepting me.
  • haha not quite round the corner, But on the same island :P No i dont sorry, Unless he goes by another name? I accepted you :D
  • haha okay, My lips are sealed :) I love exploring more than anythinggg :D xx
  • haha wow that sounds awesome!
    I wish i could >.<!
    Road trip time in the summer, I'll come and expect a guided tour :)
  • Oh wow :D I want to head up north when i have the time and money :)
    I wish it was blue skies here, Its been rainig for days :(
    I love abandoned buildings, theyre really interesting :)
    I like in newport.. Its not very intereting but theres a castle 15 minutes walk away which is nice :)
  • Oh good ^^
    Not much. I just went in the rain so im freezing, Then decided it was a good idea to brush the rabbit so now im cold and fluffy :( haha.
    What about you? Where do you live? :)
  • hi hunny so your in preston im in great harwood which is about 40 mins away dont know if you have heard of it
    hope you have a great day love and light sensi
  • Im great thankyou :D
    :) x
  • sounds like a plan! :)
    well hopefully speak to you again, night night x
  • i wanna go to both those places at some point. off to portugal for a bit this summer for boom festival, cant wait!
    well if you're ever in rossendale before you head of for your adventures you'll have to let me know! x
  • jillys is a rock club in manchester, not been in ages though
    theory test not so easy it seems, i've failed it once already! eek!
    wish i could just go off n travel but i'm stuck working and doing college at the mo, hopefully the travelling part will come when thats out of the way :)
    where you off to then? anywhere exciting? x
  • i'm alright, crammin for my theory test tomorrow.
    er i dunno, you just have a familiar face, do you go jillys at all?
    glad to see more northeners showing their faes :)
    hows life? x
  • hello there!
    so you look sorta familiar...
    can see you've already been ambushed by the other rossendale dweller! :P
    how are you? x
  • Yeah sounds like a plan. Im off to India around 16th March 2010 so defintaly before then.
  • sounds like a plan, I've not climbed for a year or so due to running marathons but could do with gettin back out on the rock :D
  • nice one and chuck your climbing gear in and we can have a few hours at the quarry or boldering :) were are you at the moment?
  • hi mate, I'm from rossendale so not a million miles away :D