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  • hey catkin so glad it arrived safely hope i hadent missed your birthday
    so happy to hear your still drawing and painting the gallery sounds lush
    cant wait too hear all about it
    hope you come online and see this but if you dont get on here much please keep in touch i miss our chats
    you take care and let me know how it all works out
    much love sensi
  • great too hear from you
    glad the card arrived safely
    i know what you mean im always on hold with everything theres always somebody here who needs my time lol
    you enjoy your christmas and i hope 2011 is a really peaceful happy year for you and your family
    hugs sensi
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • Hiya Hun,

    No problem about things being hectic, they've been the same here for the last few weeks too. I had a fantastic birthday thanks, loads of lovely pressies, cards and messages been thoroughly spoilt ...and I loved it lol !!!

    Jen loved it at the tatto shop learnt loads of things from them. She didn't want to leave and they didn;t want her to leave, so there's plans to see if they can get her there for a longer placement. Not sure how successful that will be,but she's loads more confident, happier and more motivated than I've seen her for years :).

    Hows things going your end with Chloe ? Hows your art work coming along ? Loads of Love Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Part 2

    Also the guy that closed down the gallery, gave us £100's worth of glass for free !! I knew we were getting some glass off him, but never dreamt how much. So I've spent the last 3 days sorting it all out into colours, rearranging the little room I keep my glass in ...which is a nightmare cos its so small. I put 3 boxes of small pieces of glass on Freecycle because I wanted to give a bit back to the universe for my good luck :)
    I did feel there was a bit of a change on here when the website first had it's makeover, but it seems to be getting back to normal now again now, although a bit quieter than it used to be.
    So glad to hear that Chloe's getting so involved in things now, my son did the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and loved it. Poor you having to be the taxi service though, that's not so good.
    Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Morning hun,

    I see Rima's blogged at long last and we were right about her being split up from Tui, because she's got a new guy now !! No art work from her though :(
    Jens loving it at the tattoo shop and is now dreading the 4 weeks coming to an end, she's learnt quite a lot not so much about the actual tattooing but more that the way she was doing things was the right way, and that it's ok to develope your own techniques. It's also been really good for her to be able to interact with lots of different people, something that rarely happens because we're quite a solitary pair usually.
  • Morning Catkin,

    All the paintings are done with oils, and all are on canvas with the sides painted so they can be hung without frames. I was busy helping out the guy closing down the glass gallery yesterday, by packing up £100's worth of glass ...scary stuff as some of it was really fragile lol.

    The tattoo shop has said Jen can sell some of her fused glass jewellery in there, so we're going to sneak some of my stuff in there too whoooo, one door closes and another opens as they say.

    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Morning Catkin,

    Hopefully normal life is here again, after a quite an eventful week last week lol. Jen's really enjoying the voluntary work, although finding it very tiring. I managed to do the sides of the last two paintings at long last !! Hows you're drawing coming along ...are we going to see some end results soon ? xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Morning Catkin,

    Well it's been quite an eventful 24hrs ....will tell you more by email later when I'm more awake lol xxxxxx
  • Morning Catkin, this time tomorrow Jen will have started at the tattooist. I bet she's a bundle of nerves today lol, she had a bit of a wobble the day before yesterday, and started doubting herself but I think we got through that ok.
    Hows the painting going ?
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi hunny sorry not been in touch things been a bit tough latley
    anyways i decided to write you a letter rather than a pm but be warned it might turn into an essay
    hope all is good with you
    lots of love sensi
  • Morning Catkin :)

    Really pleased you had a good time at the weekend. There's nothing like some good old inspiration to get the brian flying along is there lol.

    I can't remember what we did at the weekend, it's never anything special though lol. We had a really good bit of news yesterday though, my daughter went for an interview at a tattoo studio to do 4 weeks voluntary work there and they want her !!! They've told her they can't afford to take on an apprentice but the tips she'll pick up will be invaluable to her, so she's really excited.

    The sunset seascape painting I've been trying to do, has pretty much beaten me I think l just can't capture the look I want. So I started yet another one of the set of 5 paintings I'm doing for me. I still haven't done the sides of the 2nd one yet, so no photo's yet lol.

    Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxx
  • hi hunny
    great to hear from you
    yes a blanket its awesome
    she thinks shes dying not pregnant lol im dreading labour
    cant type much now hum got to make tea but i will get to that pm later
    big hugs think of you lots sensi
  • Morning Catkin,

    How did your trip to London go, have you come back bursting with inspiration ..... hope so.

    Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Morning Catkin, I think anyone who's artistic always raises the bench mark higher, it's in our nature to always try and do better lol !!

    I hope you have a lovely inspiring day today :) Alls ok here, apart from son having man flu .... but I made an extra hot chilli with loads of garlic and onions to boost his immune system his g/f will love me !!!

    Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Ohhhhh I love it Catkin, it took my eyes right round it and there's a depth to it, I haven't noticed so much before in your paintings. It was almost as though you could walk in the scene !!! Well done you xxxxxxxxxx
  • hi darlin! havne't been around these parts much myself lately. for one i have been really busy and also the vibe has really changed on the site and so i am happy communicating in other ways with the peeps i know here and dont really participate much in the posting bit! glad to hear that things are better with you. taking time for doing the things you really like is so important for your own healing as you well know. it can be quite destructive to put it all on the back burner, even when things are tough. quite a challenge to keep things on the balance.....i have finished mosaicing my kitchen - at some point i'll get round to posting pics - maybe!!! will probably just email you through the regular email tho! peace light and love as always, xxx
  • Morning Catkin,

    Glad you liked the painting, I wasn't sure if you would to be honest's not a style everyone would. Has the painting changed the atmosphere in my front room not really. That's mainly because there's quite a bit of ...not sure what you'd call it really, stuff that grabs your eye is the nearest I can think of to describe it. Plus it's on a back wall so isn't the first thing that grabs your attention when you walk in the room. It might be better when I finish the other paintings I'm doing to do to go with it. It was too sunny to bother with any painting yesterday lol, so I spent the day in the garden reading a book.

    I'll be the first one to admit it's not easy to train yourself to block out, all the day to day problems so you can concentrate on painting. But it does come back gradually, so don't be too hard on yourself, and like you say it's all practice !! It's also all ME time which you need, to recharge your batteries.

    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Afternoon Catkin :) I'm not bothered about the photo of the first comission because it was a painting I'd done before anyway, and the guy just wanted me to do another the same ( boring lol ) I've taken about 20 photo's of the first painting I've done for me, and the same as you not happy with the amount of detail it's lost, but there's nothing I can do about it, and the shine doesn't show when it's on the wall so it doesn't matter too much. I've just finished the 2nd painting in the set but not done the edges of the canvas yet, so I'll wait till I've done that before I take a photo. This is the first one anyways. xxxxxxxxxxx
  • good morning sweetheart
    hope today is a good one for you
    will pm you in a bit just trying to get some cleaning done and to
    be honest i really cant be bothered lol
    oh well back to the grind lol
    take care
    love and light sensi
  • Morning Catkin, I forgot to take a photo of the first pic I did dohhhhh me. I'm trying to get a photo of the one I did for me, but if I use the flash on the camera it looks weird cos it highlights the gloss in the oil paints. So I'm going to have to drag my tripod out and do one without the flash. I almost finished the 2nd painting for me yesterday too.

    The gardens okish lol I decided it's going to be more of a odd and sods one rather than a flower garden next year, way too much maintenance trying to look after tubs of plants lol. I did a mosaic style panel but forgot to take a photo ...dohhh again, thats down the gallery now though lol. Will send you a message about family tomorrow, otherwise this message will be too long lol.

    Yeah Rima's been very quiet lately hasn't she. I've got about 6 folders on my pc that I keep all the things that inspire me I find online, couldn't do without it to be honest.

    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi hunny
    mostly dog walking id be the same as you to be honest wanting to take them all home
    glad the bracelet is comfort too you hunny
    i have so mich too tell you
    my daughter emma is pregnant ...her partner has told her if she doesnt have an abortion he will kill hinself ...nice guy
    plus she is still living at home such a toughie
    right now i could do with someone beaming me up to another planet lol
    anyway enough of that
    hows things for you today hunny
    sun seems to of dissapeared here and its looking like rain garden needs it though
    so what you up too
    hugs sensi
  • Hiya Catkin,
    I'm really glad to see you back again !! Yeah I know exactly what you mean about getting used to things being difficult, it's the same here. But at the end of the day we can only support, and not fight the battle for them ...that's completely up to them. However what I do know, is that we need to stay true to ourselves, and not allow things to completely over take our lives too.
    Arts and crafts have always been, and always will be my support. Nothing like losing yourself in a drawing or art work of some kind, to keep you on a level yourself lol !! So I hope to see some drawings from you, really soon.
    I've been busy painting myself lately. Just done a painting for an old neighbour, got another commission for a sunset seascape ( which is driving me nuts !! lol ) and I've also started doing a series of paintings for myself as some of the walls are still really bare here.
    Really good to have you back !!!
    Loads of love Jane xxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey hunny lovley too see you here
    great news on your daughter lets hope she keeps improving
    thinkof you all the time
    got your little drawings and paintings everywere so your always around
    yeah great news with lee
    last week he took out a staffordshire bull terrier which he really enjoyed
    id of been terrified lol
    sun shining again here yippee i can get out in the garden
    hubby has worked so hard in the garden this year ill try and get you some pics
    miss you lots hunny
    have a great day love to all
    and a big hug for you sensi
  • I've hardly found anything, either - just the Wiki etc. I'm keen to see it, too! :)
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • Hey. Hun yeah a fab day spent with family eating cake and bieng spoilt LOL
    No sun today here but it's ever so warm
    You take care and have a great day
    Lots of love and hugs
  • Morning Catkin :) That looks remarkedly like you in that last drawing, but despite your low mood it's beautiful. I must stay off Flickr I got lost in mosaic photo's for 2 hrs this morning lol.
  • we have a lovely picasso one, "peace and freedom" here at the tate and it's in walking distance....i will go next week when i have some time to myself again - maybe thursday. have a wonderful time in the smoke anyway! sounds like a fantastic show. xxx