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  • Hi,

    Sent you a pm (but I'm new on here so have no idea if I did it right).
    Can you check and let me know whether I'm as forum technologically retarded as I think I may be :)
  • hello sweetheart... how are things going with you? :waves:
  • I'm good thanks hun:) me and my boy just moved up to cambridge from east london, loving the countryside. :) tis a bit weird not knowing anyone but i'm starting to settle in now:)
  • hey hun.:) read your single thread, just wanted to say its totally normal to have all these thoughts and feelings after coming out of a relationship, especially one that involves abuse. i hope your time away refreshed you. :) i saw you were in the south east and wondered if you were near to me, i'm in cambridshire right now. hope you are having a good day:)
  • I'm so relieved! I felt awful... It sounds daft, but I really don't like upsetting people AT ALL. Hooray for sorting out misunderstandings! x
  • hello flower
    all good here. am going to london at the end of the week as we have decided to move back down south and am seeing a flat for a mutual exchange.

    H was a trooper at the weekend as he had his performance with the samba school on the mainstage at the Africa Oye festival and he had a raging temp when he came off. poor thing has been struggling with a cold/sore throat all last week but threw a wobbly when i suggested he stay off school......'mum, i won't get my attendance medal at the end of term'.....

    hope all is good with you lovely. any news doc/hosp wise with you?

    have a beautiful day....
    peace light love and hugs

    bee xxx
  • I firmly believe if you think of a word and can use it in the right place it becomes an actual word.
    Have you tried a steam bowl for your sinus's? Olbas oil is really good :)
    I saw you were on FB :-), ta and remember to share me with all yer pervert friends! And if you haven't got any pervert friends you need to get some, fabalas people lol! Oh and my personal FB is Donna Carter
    The plans aren't hush hush as such, just don't want to say them incase I jinx it by being to previous ya know?
    I am about to let my 15yo girl child colour my hair, is this a good move I ask myself?!
  • Feck, you snotty bugger lol! How was the holiday apart from the germs? How's yer head and heart now? I hope you had a good rest.
    I'm all good, sat on the Pc again (I've been sat here all bloody week!), doing research, listing things for sale I've made, negotiating possibly selling some of my stuff through other companys (eek lol). And COLD, how is it June and so so COLD!!!!!!!
  • Sorry it was a bit of a long message!
  • Ahhh your asking me a hard question about The Waterboys! Well my favorite songs at the moment are (its a bit of a list): Whole of the Moon, Fishermans Blues, Peace of Iona (soooo meaningful), The Glastonbury song, The pan Within (reminds me of Pans Labyrinth), My Darkside, The Return of Jimi Hendrix and finally We are Jonah..... The best album to introduce you to The Waterboys I would say is Karma to Burn, its a live album, but it is fantastic!

    Ahh, I get ID'ed but it annoys me..... Who in there right mind would be 17 and have a beard like mine?! Well, maybe me xD.....

    My favorite past times would be chilling with my friends, music festivals, hippy gatherings, generally being in touch with nature, going for long walks and hikes (something in which I am doing tomorrow :D I am taking our Lab to a big forest a bit away and spending the day getting lost in the forest :) ), drawing and cooking :D

    What do you do with your time?
  • How weird, although I wouldnt say I am a real good friend with terry, but the last time I was at Avebury, for the Beltane me and my friends met Terry and we had about an hour conversation with him! He is fantastic! So knowledgeable! How did you get to meet him?! What are you doing for the summer solstice?

    The lyrics to Meet on the Ledge are so moving! I think it also relates to my dads times when he could go climbing and stuff, unfortunately he cant now :/ Thats what got him I think! They played Tam Lin, Matty Groves, Meet on the Ledge, Fotheringay, a lot of there new album, and some other random ones to! It was fantastic! :D I would suggest to try and get to see them when you can! I am not sure when they are next touring! But check the new album out!
  • At the moment I have a minor (if you can call it that) obsession with The Waterboys, after seeing them recently! They are quite classic rocky really!

    I look young in my picture? Everyone thinks I am about 27-30 >_< If I could have my own way I would live in the times of the builders of Wayland Smithy... :(
  • Oh dam! xD I thought I had posted it on yours >_< Sorry! (Lets hope I post this one on your wall) I have heard and studied Wayland's Smithy, but never been! I have hardly visited oxfordshire really! I cant see the tattoo? Got another picture? I have been to West Kennet Long Barrow, which is very simular! And I left a little gift there, much like they do at Waylands smithy! They were both used and constructed for the same purpose, so I can imagine what it is like! :) Have you been to Avebury? Its soooo good, possibly one of my favorite places on earth! Forget the Taj Mahal or The Great Wall of China! Avebury is where it is at!

    Fairport were amazing, obviously not the same without Sandy and Richard Thompson, but still, they belted out some of the classics just as good! And there was a tear in my dads eye when 'Meet on the Ledge' came on, it really means a lot to him! I also think the same about Matty Groves song, everyone else I know feels sorry for his dam wife!
  • Ahhh fire spinning I have had a go once, and loved it! My housemate is a bit of a pyromaniac! xD

    I love fire spinning done in the pitch black in an empty field! - Magical!

    Mike Oldfield IS A GOD!!!! I have got so many good memories of listening to him, chilling with my best mates and some good car journeys with him blasting out! What is your favorite album? What else music are you into?
  • So are you a fary of fire?
  • Heya! Thanks for ressurecting my -ology thread :D
  • I've just been reminded by a question vampira asked about painting glass. I did a load of glass panels with acrylic paint and it stayed fine, I'm sure if you weren't gonna be washing them all the time that would be fine :)
  • thanks lovely - a real hug would be great at the mo! am going to get H from after school club in a little while so i'll get one then. we have just had the most amazing thunderstorm here along with huge hailstones. i love thunderstorms so that was nice! xxx
  • hey lovely! feeling a bit down. dad has taken a down turn and isn't doing too good. broken hips and old peeps are a deadly combination, unfortunately there is no getting away from it. hope you are doing better yourself. peace light love and hugs, bee xxx
  • hey lovely! aw mate - this is not the first time i have heard about peeps being sent to the wrong consultant. i was concerned that the hossie weren't doing things right and went to the GP who phoned the hossie while i was there and he had a go at them and they got it sorted pdq!!!
    we have had lovely weather for days now and have spent a lot of time in the park - oicnics etc. the sun just makes you feel better anyway. my dad broke his hip yesterday and is in ICU at the moment. he's coming up for 80 so am a bit concerned as broken hips and elderly peeps are a bit of a killer mix. hope you are feeling good too in this wonderful sunshiney weather. hugs xxx
  • Hiya I just noticed the message you left about glass painting on Femme Tatted's visitor wall. The glass paint you need is vitrea 160. You paint it as normal and then bake it in the oven and it stops the paint from peeling off. If you look it up on Ebay they've got a discovery set for £6.80. Hope that helps :)[B]

  • tinned tomatoes are ok in a chilli [IMG][/IMG] try not to stress to much, what will be will be and stressing wont change anything. Sleep well and i may pester you to make sure your ok x
  • pomigranites? x
  • Hey, no thanks required, been there and hid the t-shirt ( it was crap fit lol ). Any time you need to talk give us a shout, maybe some random fella in his bus might be good to rant away at ;) and tea is the devils drink :D
  • Hello :-),
    I'm really sorry but I won't be of much use to you I'm afraid :-(, I've only done glass painting a couple of times and the same as you the paint either slid off when it was touched or started to peal off as soon as it was washed. I'm sure there must be something that works well but I don't know what.
    I hope you find something that works, and if you do will you let me know :-). You could always put a post up in the creative room?

    Donna x
  • oh sweetie - how horrible! waiting for an op date is such a drag, and i'm sure like me you think when is this going to stop? it 's wierd how we try to live healthy lives and then crapola!! sometimes i think partners also behave in certain ways to make themselves feel like they are indispensible. hernias are really painful ( not that i've had one but have come across peeps who have when i worked in OT) if i lived closer to you i'd be giving you a hand with the wee one and other stuff too. i have been going to a healers circle/support group and we are all reiki practitioners or masters and it's brilliant. i have been using symbol therapy and also using meditations as pain control and have been doing progressive muscle relaxation exercises. when i came back from the hossie on friday night i had a long soak in the bath with a blend of palmarosa, lavender and marjoram......and slept like a log! are you using any self help stuff/alternatives??? xxx
  • thanks lovely! they have no idea why - just my immune system and stress???! i have been on massive daily doses of iron and the levels are up but still under the safe level, that is just going to take time. no idea either why i have this anaemia. anyway i am really trying to stay positive although i am going potty not working (although work could be part of the problem) just in a bit of a rut, i'm sure the universe knows what it is doing and maybe i need this time to stay still and think about where i should be going. so what's been happening in your world flower? xxx
  • 'ello petal! i have been having a bit of a rough time - i had pneumonia again in feb and was back in hossie, when i was in there they discovered i had serious anaemia with an iron level of 4.1 and on friday i was in a taxi with a mate and we were hit by another car - all the muscles in my back on the rhs have gone into spasm and i have bruises at where the seat belt was. am a bit fed up really - hasn't been a great year so far. however we do have #1 son living at home still which is just as well really. i am sure it is going to get better tho. what have you been up to missus? xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • :hug: morning flower! :sunflower looks like another beeeeautiful day - no skiving yesterday but going to prestatyn today!!! :monster: have another sunny choon :flower: and enjoy the weekend whatever you're up to!:sun:xxx