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  • Hey Ho
    Yeah I'm a Gateshead girl, so hi right back atcha
    Enjoy the site, tis a gudun
  • I used to play a lot of Games Workshop table top games and RPG like White Wolf, Cyber Punk, Warhammer Roleplay etc but the people I played with have moved all over the country so I don't play much now.
  • Well I turn up on a friday night and play whatever is on with some friends. We're playing MERPS at the moment. Do you play any?
  • :coolies: Im into lots of stuff, but mostly outdoorsy/nature things, arts and crafts and social things :D

    Im sure you will soon find your way around and meet lots of lovely people along the way :)
  • I like to play FPS's, I love simple puzzel games like tetris, I also play table top role playing games and LARP at the weekend.
  • Hello to you too :waves: how are you?
  • I am a fair bit of a geek and play loads of different kinds of games, and I love craft. What kinds of things do you read/write?
  • Just visiting friends mostly.
  • Cool. I'm near Middlesbrough and occationally in newcastle or manchester. :)
  • Hello :) Where abouts in the north are you from? I promise i wont get all "im more northen than you" like loads of people seem to do. Boz. x