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  • i know the village well....yeah small world!
  • is that a welsh flag on one of your bikes? im originally from Bridgend!
  • :Di think everyone needs to be a little insane
  • i have no excuses.....im just:insane:
  • MATE you are as bad as me, you posted the reply on ya own wall:insane: ive done the very same thing TWICE today already:o:whistle: thanks for the friendship by the way!
  • the spirit's willing but the bones are weak...ahahah..i like old british bike..mainly BSA (Goldstar DBD34 in clubmans trim,my dream classic bike [URL]http://www.talismancoins.com/catalog/1959_BSA_Gold_Star_DBD34.jpg[/URL] ) and Triumph...Nortons never really appealed to me
  • what????you are not old!!!!i love classic/custom bikes esp Nortons!
  • :DA biker too, fantastic!
  • :Dhey thanks for the link....was in cheltenham yesterday, did you see all the morris men, they were awesome......we'll have top meet up for a cuppa, seein as you are just up the road:D
  • Hey thought id say hi, you are not to far from me :D great pics of the animals by the way!