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  • No particular reason - just thought I'd say hello :) hope you're having a good week and life's treating you how you would like it too x
  • Hiya littlerarebean. Love that pic of u and ya dogs : ) I'm into astrology and wondered what your birth details were I could check out ya chart if ya like : )
    What's your fave tree? Mine is yew : ) I like ya blog x
  • sounds good, what do you think it should read?
  • Hi, nice to hear from you. Yeah, I'm afraid you do have to have a CRB if working with kids. I would also recommend public liability insurance. It could also be a condition of insurance. Tell her to look into it, to be on the safe side. Whereabouts near Nott'm are you from? I don't go back as much as I used to but do have family there who I visit
  • I'm coping...just! Just had 3 carfull of rozzers round and a shaking like a tree in a hurricane ...but am good hun...........x
  • How are you hun, hugs winging their way to you too. I will try harder too to say Hi to you more ofter...had a lot on my plate recently, so sorry if you felt left out.
  • I won't know for a couple of weeks. The interview was a proper grilling, they questioned me on my technical knowledge, which was pretty daunting.
  • bubble wrap is a nice way to see it, it always reminds me of glass, it was so delecate and made a breaking glass sound when tapped
  • Hiya :) Thankyou, Asian Red Legged Running Frog,You Got Any Pets?
  • Hi, thank you for your compliments, hope you ok today X
  • :) ooooh I just saw your photos - 'mandala day' - absolutely lovely :)
  • are you ok hun xxx :waves:
  • hey! no worries at all, if you have any questions or want patterns translated to simple directions (hehe) gimmi a message. :)
  • away with thbe faeries 'normal' service resumes on tuesday
  • aw cool thanks, and yeah maybe, see Babylon is new, I've been on this forum yeeaaars but I haven't been on here properly in about a year, so I've never seen Babylon before in my life! lol

    Oh well, thanks for the pointers :)
  • pet cat needs no walkies but boy can he run!
  • Nah never been to that park.. but I went to a lost forest and beach a few times down in conrnwall where you know there is some fairy, pixie, elf action going on!! Funny thing is i can never remember where it is or how to get there.. I was taken there when i was 20, I some how managed to stumble across the place 3 years ago again.. Next time I am gonna take a map with me.

    oh yeah link for you

  • Thanks, you too! :)
  • :hippy:morning flower :waves:- it's a beautiful day here...:sunflower we're going out to do some voluntary gardening at the homeless peoples garden this morning :flower: it is feeling like spring a bit today!:woohoo:have a wonderful weekend:hug: with lots of :peace: xxx
  • Hey there hun, Really love the new profile pics, the dogs look like fun too! x
  • I don't see how it could be bad, although I don't think I've ever dreamt about it, not yet anyway!
  • :sponge::monster::madlol: They are pretty cool!

    And, no way is my flyology the longest! Atomiks one has been going since 2008, and has 23 pages! But then he created this site so I guess his would :D
  • By gum, from the land of the black county! :D

    To get smileys click the "Go Advanced" button, or you can type them in, but without the nose i.e just a ":" and then a ")" for ":)"
  • Ah, so you're not originally from round here then guv'nor? Cor blimey! ;)
  • Hey, I see you're in Surrey? I'm in Surrey too (sort of, I'm in Croydon :D )
  • i still have that dress will have to try n do a then n now shot!
  • We need an up to date pic there hun!