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  • You like Woodface. Thats my profile picture. I love the art design of Crowded House.
  • safety in numbers,lol. . . thanks for your nice comment :)
  • Glad your doc is on side too, they play bat and ball in my area, won't touch you if you are under the dentist and vice versa. It sounds to me that she cocked up too. Probably didn't want to lose face in front of you. I suspect what you have already been through will have been the worst bit and hopefully the next treatment will go much more smoothly. Be a brave soldier and I'll send you a certificate afterwards! Good luck x
  • Hi there:waves: Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for your message of support in my 'nightmare dental' thread. :):) I feel much more positive after reading it, cos tbh the thought of having to go back and endure any more of the same has been filling me with dread. I think she has cocked up the extraction, and think she shouldn't even have touched it until the abcess had gone...but hey ho! Just had a telephone consultation with my GP and she is going to write me a prescription but some diazepam to take before I go, so that's reassuring. Thanks anyway :hug: