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  • Thanks for the compliment! that ones 8 foot diameter and the one on the pole is 10 foot........they always look smaller when they are up there working. Have you any experience with making wind turbines? i was wondering whether or not to start a new thread on the forum to do with them. Do you think anyone would be interested?
    Cheers Karl
  • i used to have a coach. lovely drive for its age. i used to drive class 1 but had to give up eventually, constant sciatica :(
    always envied you barge folk, that's the life, if you can get a pitch...
  • lol,only class 2,and besides,i drive a coach nowadays. . Thankyou for the comp by the way
  • check out my new wallpaper
    prais his noodly appendages, i have seen the light :D
  • sorry it took me so long. been hanging out on climate change sites mostly. cheers for the invite :)
  • Glad you got here at last