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  • Thanks mate . do you think the hair dryers up to it ? i've got an old hoover and i'm going to see if we can reverse the motor to get it to blow ?
  • If you come over again there are a few island hippies we could meet up for an afternoon if you like you didn't miss much the weather was total pants :(
  • Hello mate , finaly got me mig welder Murex midget, and been welding everything up i can find lol kid and new toy thing , I've even made a small forge out of a old car wheel and scrap i had kicking around just need to find a blower now . so what you been up to mate ?
  • Hi there, My name's Dom. I've just posted this on the forum as I didn't realise I could message you here so apologies if you've already read this...
    I live in Brighton and my girlfriend just bought a Bedford which needs some welding done to get through the MOT. I saw your post and wonder if the offer of lessons still stands. I'd like to get it done for the middle of June so she can go to Glasto in it. Message me here or [EMAIL="dominicclementson@gmail.com"]dominicclementson@gmail.com[/EMAIL].
    Thanks for your time
  • Morning Joss, I'm a bit late this morning.... i'm the lazy one..
  • Morning mate .Bit to cold to go in the workshop today or am i just lazy ?