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  • Any weather is good travel weather !! Keep them wheels turning H xx
  • hi ,hope all is well and you are enjoying the lush warmth of all and good travel weather .x
  • hey harry - hope you're o.k. n ting :)
  • Have you caught up on the shark of honey street thread Harry? we got another week to get the objections in to planning.
  • Hey Harry,you've virtually disappeared!Hope you're keeping ok?x
  • Hi Harry. Are you going on to horse drawn from Dovedale ?
  • Harry I found this on eBay and thought of you.
    231630916439 Also he has another one but its only 5 amp. 231630917788
    Here. These are a great price and make. Just that the wires have been cut. Hope you see this before the auction ends mate.
  • ??????, sorry what did i write and to whom?
  • shame you wrote that to a mean ol goat:reddevil:....
  • agreed more fun,but not the drivel you keep spouting,we dont need a minute by minute account of your pitiful life,i,m not normally rude,but in your case i,ll make an exception
  • sticks and stones....:ppmore fun needed
  • well drive home safe mate tis bad ere too
  • hay up waz weekend good where did u go. is it snowin you end whiteover ere. bet you can feel it in your bones hee hee. no i can. rob
  • In that case it sounds like you did not measure the ingredients carefully enough or cooked it for too long.
  • Hey Harry what went wrong with your pastry? I used to be a chef and had formal training. I hope you did not use margarine. You should never stretch pastry, only roll it . It also helps to wrap the dough in cling film and place in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  • keep wandering,wish i could gongorde.
  • I suppose thats the choice, heat and noise or cold and quiet eh. I'm sure we will bump into each other at a gathering somewhere then, hope you have a good time.
  • ah good, dont envy you that heater,they are good but noisy,looks like i,m going to tweksbury medievil thing,but still not 100% on that
  • Yeh, it was the air mass meter, got a new one and it is soooo much better. :) We took the liner out today and put a roof vent in. We have started insulating it, so no more chilly nights for me. I have a eberspacher heater to put in, it's huge and has lots of scarey looking wiring, but I'm sure we,ll work it out. Have you decided if you're comming to rabf yet, we were all ready to be pirates and they changed it to glam rock, not sure if I can still get away with sparkly flares any more !
  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas,
    or not if you prefer :reddevil: xxx
  • harry love, if you've got a min could you have a squiz at me thread please and see if theres anything you can add? might not be your thing but i am getting a bit worried!

    [URL]http://www.ukhippy.com/stuff/showthread.php?54527-what-does-the-battery-light-mean[/URL][TABLE="align: center"]
    [TR="bgcolor: #DDDDCC"]
    [TD="bgcolor: #DDDDCC"][/TD]
  • hello mate, great to meet u, c u at another gathering soon x
  • Don't wanna hijack your thread in the bizarre bizaar but I also have 2 transit windows so if you get more than one potential buyer can you point them in my direction too. Cheers. Raebird
  • That's cool, glad you got it


  • aye yesterday has gone,no good worrying about it , keep smiling x
  • Happy Tuesday!! :waves: Hope today's better to you xx
  • anytime gel, thats what friends are for. made me smile as well,so was a two way thing. x
  • Enjoy the sloe gin? Thanks for the call last night...been feeling down, you made me :) x
  • I feel your pain......my cars been off the road since before christmas with the distributor, simple job apparently but as she's a spanish import it's been impossible to source a part. Been let down so much. Sent old part off yesterday for repair so fingers crossed I should have car back for end of week.....just in time for the sodding MOT to run out! Will put the cake baking off for a week then and feel free to rant....we'll have a ranting competition when you visit!