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  • Hi Frinne..i would use ply board..for top of stall 3mm/ 4mm thick ...keep your eyes on skips ...if your only going to use the stall now and then..i would get a medium weight blue tarpauline..the heavy duty market ones with stripes can be expensive...the stall is about 10 ft you need something with a drop either side..perhaps 14ft wide by 10ft or 12 ft drop down the back then put some wieghts on the bottom...that will stop wind getting at ya from behind or rain ..if its raining...
    For weights ..ive seen old 5 litre plastic oil containers filled with sand and used you can tie onto the handels....

    i have a few wholesale stock addresses for you as well in case you want to branch out...

    Have a look at CHa Cha Dum Dum. london based or lemon tree wholesale...

    Let me know what ya thinking i will always try and help out..

    Marc,Pauline & family..
  • I haven't even had a chance to look at it yet :(

    I'm working on a project with lots of tight deadlines and I'm meant to be working with eight other people, but only one of them's actually joining in ... between that and trying to get stock made and priced I'm busy from the second I get up until I fall into bed dead in the small hours. I'm looking forward to getting it set up and sorting out some boards and tarps for it! Would welcome any suggestions on those, I'm clueless in that area!

    Hope all's well with you guys and thanks again for dropping the stall over to us, it was a huge help :hug:
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