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  • Hey, sorry for mega late message... been out and about. Things are better, just need a job :)
    How's things with you?
  • cheers, your message made me feel a bit better :)
    Yeah, well I don't want to do Midwifery any more, going into social work instead :)
    Things are looking up a bit, applied for loads of jobs as there as quit a few around at the moment :) which is good. Hopefully only way is up now... xxx
  • Hey :) ... You have been a bit of a busy bee then. You enjoying your new job?
    I left work a couple of weeks ago, due to loads of problems, so I am currently doing nothing apart from looking for a job, which is a job in itself. It's just annoying, you need to have experience but how are you suppose to get experience is no where wants to employ you and train you :P . I haven't been very well, due to stress but apart from that it's all good, and no, no dolphins unfortunately :( xxxx
  • Hey, how's it going? xx
  • All completed and submitted on Thursday evening - no worries :D They're interviewing later this month so I guess if I've not heard anything in the next week I've not got anywhere :S
  • Yup, the deadline is looming somewhat! However I have my CV completed, a good reference from my Masters degree, a slightly vague reference from my personal tutor from my bachelors (well, I [I]did[/I] graduate from that one 8 years ago), and the transcript from my Masters. All that's left is the cover letter and I just upload it all online. So fingers crossed :D
  • Well being self-employed at the moment I think I can safely say that motivation and the ability to work independently isn't an issue! ;) :P And the PhD I'm applying for is also set up, part of a larger project [url][/url] At the start of the year I had a few jobs relating to bats and small wind turbines and was really frustrated at the lack of research and info - in my head I was planning all sorts of projects on how I could research the info myself but there was no way I could do it on top of working because of time and financial constraints :( And then I saw the PhD advertised :D I'd always thought I'd try and make the move back to academia eventually so it feels a bit too-good-to-be true :S
  • Halloo :)

    I'm being a bit stupid and have found a bat related PhD I'm applying for down in Exeter :eek: Really [I]really[/I] want it! (Timing is lousy but what can you do? :p). Any advice on what to put in the application cover letter? I'm a bit stumped as my "research" for my Bachelors and MSc had nothing to with bats and for the latter was desk based! :S
  • I would really like to get into Brighton or Plymouth. :) but I have applied for Liverpool and Cumbria too.

    I want to go everywhere... Malawi, Africa, Germany, Hawaii, so many places!

  • Ah right I see, it sounds interesting.
    Currently I work in a day nursery, I work for 41.25 hours a week looking after children and babies for 9 hours a day :P. I love my job but it's all for the process of going to uni to be a midwife.
    I'll be at the nursery until about March next year, then hopefully off to uni.
    However I want to do some abroad volunteering between now and then. So just have to see what happens :)

  • How come your moving to London? x
  • However, no ocean life. :P
  • Hello :)
    Leicester is nice and sunny, windy though too.
    and yes, it can be. Depends if you know your way around. There are a few nice places that I know off that are away from the busy city.
  • Thanks for that :D Looks really interesting and if I wasn't tied to one place by family commitments I'd definitely apply :D

    (Hope your second PhD interview at Holloway goes well :D)
  • Strangely, Bristol Uni only does mortar boards for higher degrees (PhDs, DPhils etc), I just get a gown as a lowly Masters postgrad :P

    I've set myself up as self employed (consultancy work) and have a few jobs coming in - won't be thinking of doing anything else until the sproglett is older. Once she's in school full time (another couple of years) I might start seriously looking at PhD's. Always liked academia and research and would quite like to claw my way back in eventually :D

    Good luck with the interview - when you say Norwich I'm assuming you mean UEA? Had a mate who did her first degree there - have heard good things about it (not including the whole Climategate thing ;) )
  • Oi oi saveloy! :P

    Course is done and dusted - dissertation got handed in on time (just.....never trust Citylink to deliver important things to you by a deadline! :eek:) and I comfortably passed. Graduate in Bristol on the 23rd next month. Go me! :woohoo:

    Relief is not the word ;) :D

    How's the palaeontology coming along?
  • howdy! yeah im alrite and bump is growing - only 9 weeks left now - well hopefully 9 weeks and he wont stay put for ages after to annoy me,
    How are you? Still broody?
  • Well we need to stick together - Europe here we come !!!
  • :hug: and a Pint on it's way xxxxx
  • [I][COLOR=purple]Thanks for the congrats, we havent thought of any names yet - there are so many crap ones out there they are the only ones we can think of and neither os us are happy sbout them! Yeah we will have to go out for a drink at some point - how are you? Hows Portsgob?[/COLOR][/I]
  • [I][COLOR=purple]Beer time will have to wait cos i got drunk a while and sometimes things happen LOL. I forgot to mention it to you - i do wonder who else i need to tell though. And its a boy YAY[/COLOR][/I]
  • :hug: morning flower!:sunflower :sunflower hope yours is like this....:sunsmile:peace light and :hippylove
  • morning flower! just for a change and as it's friday, have some fat freddy's cat....
    have a lovely day! xxx
  • bit rubbish at the moment to be honest. Hows uni going?
  • hey hows you? how is life treating you
  • :waves: morning lovely! :hug: :flower: have a wonderful day!:hippylove
  • haha do ittt :D Come visit me, We'll go on a dinosaur hunt :) Alrighty, Nails awayyy! :D
  • yes, we must make one as soon as possible! :D Im in newport which is like the main town, but i can get to a beach in about 15 minutes haha :)
    Wow :D that sounds fun ^^ Im at college studying health and social care :) xx
  • Oh my thats no good.. Maybe we should scrap the dino hunting for a bit and start work on an arc? :D Im all damp, I might go on a pajama and dinner hunt :) Whatcha studying at uni? :D xx