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  • Hi ya, we now have the date for the gathering, it's 12 to 16th August, although you don't have to stay the whole time, it would be nice to see you there :)
  • We are thinking august' i'll let you know soon.
  • Thanks, we are hoping to burn it at a gathering in epping this summer, maybe you could make it ?
  • That's a shame, may be trevstock, there is a bit more time to save up. This is the first time I have been to one that we have not organised ourselves, so I'm excited.
  • Hi, are you comming to dorset ?, we have not seen you since ages.
  • :waves: morning flower!:hug: woo! hoo! it's the weekend! :sunflower have a lovely day! :flower:
  • oi oi how,s you ?
  • yeah not too bad been a long day so im about to crash
  • evening how,s you ?
  • Hi there. Great to meet you. I know who I'm looking for next time at the train station.
  • :waves: morning lovely! :sunflower [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:hug: [/FONT][/SIZE]:sunflower have a beautiful sunday...:peace:
  • I'm ok but procrastinating on alot of stuff . how are you ?
  • hi there
  • Thanks :) Yeah its good to get out and about in the countryside. Got my travel easel for that :D
  • Still finding my way around the forums as im new here. Thinking I might haunt the lizards lounge :D I love the study of ancient cultures. How about you what are you into?
  • Hello :)
  • Hey Rosie, what a cutie you are. But who's that girl clinging round your neck?
  • Hi, thanks for he welcome. Still trying to figure my way around this site.
  • I had a great weekend thanks, my mate came down from London and I got very very drunk :moyne: I gather you met some hippies at the weekend - hope they didn't freak you out too much :insane: They're a lovely lot really :D

    Merry christmas! :xgrin: :xtree2:
  • Hi, it was great to see you yesterday, even though it was only for a short while :)
  • Ahhh brilliant, bad dancing is always fun :happydanc :insane: especially when you're drunk, you have an excuse then :D

    The band in question was Sunn 0))) - ultra heavy doom metal band :death: They were amazing :rock: I also had time when I was there to explore some of the rest of London - including Soho, and Westminster Abbey :D
  • Awww :D Thank you! That really made me smile. Have one back! :hug: How are you anyway? xx
  • Hello again :waves:

    I studied up in London for about a year, at Roehampton Uni - lovely area of London, but the whole university thing didn't really suit me :S

    Swanage was great :D I decided to go for the guinness instead of cider though :P I love a bit of proper local music, we don't get much of it down here :) How did your cousin's wedding go?

    Oh and do you go to Camden much? I'm off up to the Koko there tonight for a gig :rock:
  • Wow, far too Inner London for my liking! :D
  • I'm good ta :) Not enjoying the weather at the moment, but I'm off to Swanage tonight to get some cider inside me and have a good old dance, which will hopefully warm me up :D

    So you like London then? I've been up there quite a bit, it is great, but I couldn't live there, I'm a country boy at heart :D
  • Hey dude, I see you are a SE London person! I sort of am aswell... I'm in Croydon (But very near to Bromley too).
  • Hi there, how's it going? Thought I'd be the first person to leave a message on here lol :D

    I like your profile, I also hate Jeremy Kyle and *love* coffee :insane: I do like some horror films though :P