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  • no sign yet hun
  • hi havent forgot the skirt hun will def paypal this week
    hugs sensi
  • Sorry! I didnt know I was so popular :D
  • Your inbox is fullll agaaain! lol :)
  • OOps LOL Must be you this time :D it doesnt tell me its nearly full!
    Give me a sec.. x
  • your inbox is full hun trying to send you a message lol!
  • Well a boat might help my itchy feet :D anyway if we go anywhere its coming with me, its only 6 weeks by boat LOL
  • Well what with you posting about itchy feet I thought you were off.......mind you I've just remembered the boat pics so I'm guessing you're not sailing across lol :D not sure if my lad is coming :( he seems to like staying at home and having the house/tv to himself :rolleyes:
  • LOl calm down :D we are just going for a few months then coming back. We should just do it anyway with you and yours :D Our lads are the same age.
  • Where???? Why??? eeeek that's not far away!!!!! Will try to organise for beginning June as would love to spend some time round a fire with you and yours xxx
  • Thanks hun that would be great, Same for you if you are ever over this way :)
  • I see yer in Herefordshire - we're a bit further down, in Cardiff. If yer ever floating by here, you can give us a shout. We have a 9 year old boy, a 3.5 year old girl, and our first together is due at the end of june.
  • Lovely skirt arrived today, thanks :0)
  • hiya hunny thanks the skirt arrived safely today its lovley
    have a top christmas
    hugs sensi
  • If you are ever near on in London,, you must visit Camden Markets and high street.... perfect place to go for what you want.... worth going for a day trip anyway,,, great at night too. x