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  • hi hunny thanks yeah im so relieved hes got sorted
    dont talk to me about clutter i cant throw anything away i still have a skirt my mum made me when i was 15 and im 49 now lol
    hot soak in a lavendar bath for your achey limbs
    have a great weekend
    love sensi
  • Hello,

    How's your day

  • hey we are both gemini ....
  • morning hunny another sunny day here
    how did your date with the ironing go think there will be a second date ;)
    im busily munching my way through some menopause moments
    soft centres but leave a bitter after taste lol
    got to get out in the garden today if i keep repeating it i might actually do it
    you take care
    love sensi
  • [FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=#800080][SIZE=4]Good morning lovely, things are very smiley today, thanks.
    How about with you?
    My washing is out on the line, just catching up with emails with a brew and then off on a hot date!
    Dont get too excited - its only with my iron!! lol :P
    Have a great day
    Love and hugs x[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
  • hiya hunny lovely profile pic
    hope all is smiley with you today
    at least the sun is shining always gives me a warm glow
    hugs sensi