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  • Sorry to hear that. I always thought that not being fully complacent can be a good thing though, like a driving force for change.

    Festive seasons going good except that I need to spend most of it revising for tests... and everyone around me has suddenly got the flu... I'll be amazed if I don't have it tomorrow. I've never really done any new years resolutions before but this year I think I should. Thinking about joining a hill walking club or something as a way of hopefully meeting new people.

    Do you have any plans for the new year?
  • No worries. Life is like a ride, there are lots of ups and downs. It's going better now though. I've had some really good experiences lately. How are you doing?
  • What unhippy thing did I do today ? Hmmmm i managed 10 minuets in a shopping centre ....and hell it was a chore.
    Nice to meet you
  • Sorry for the late reply. Been having a very rough time myself. I wouldn't worry about not finding anyone to take you on yet. If you keep trying, I bet a place will open up. Hope your doing all right.
  • hellooooo stranger, not seen you for ages, how was boom? things have started on trundle now, the re-fit has begun lol, hope your well and managed to sort out some plumbing x
  • Hey did you decide what you were going to do about uni?
  • very nice of u, hey back at ya!!!!!!!!!
  • very nice of u hey back at ya
  • yeh you did mention plumbing when we met, good on you :) been having lots of fun ans trundle plans are still changing lol. gettin used to road life and loving it, meeting some cool people as well! will have to give you a shout when im parked up near you and then you can come round for a brew :D
  • hello from trundle :) hows you? have you passed your test yet? if so where's your van :D today has been great, clear blue skies and heat!!! im breaking a caravan at weekend and putting all the stuff i dont need into storage so if you do get a van give us a shout, i may have some stuff to help kit it out
  • Todmorden is 12 miles away from me :)
  • hello :) just back from smallworld, had a great time and still gettin about a bit. want to get cracking on trundle now but still hoping to wait till winter :) hope your doing well and everthing is ok
  • Haha aye! Bit odd isn't it?! =)

  • On May 6th....[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  • I'm from Pontefract - little old mining/market town just out of Wakefield. It's ok, but it seems so far from anywhere vaguely hippy-ish! (Closest is probably Newmillerdam, two buses away)

    That said, it just means long and interesting train journeys when I do go somewhere. :D
  • Yeah, sadly I'm probably as far as I could be from Hebden Bridge while still being in West Yorkshire. It's not bad where I am, but it's a bit of a trek to the best part of the county. :P
  • was nice to meet and have a brew :) any time you see trundle knock on as kettle is always warm
  • hello :) just lettin you know me and trundle will be parked up in helmshore tonight near holden hotel
  • ello ello, I'm better at PMs :)
  • im parked up just past the duke of weli on the left behind the cottages tonight, last night in the valley this week
  • its mon 12 april and im parked up just infront of holden vale hotel if you fancy a look at trundle call rnd
  • spent last night in my truck next to the burner with dog sat next to me :D
    Don't give up hope of a van when you pass your test, I'm sure you will love van life
  • I'm away next wed for 10days will msg you when I'm back in the valley,
    Insurance is Shit when your young but you might be able to get cover on a small van, if your not full timing it you don't need as much space :) I can always build you I tiny woodburner as a van warming prezzie
  • hello :) I'm fine but busy, truck coming on slowly, fitted my burner on sat so will prob move next week :D when coming for a sneak preview?
  • lol, no worries mate, ive been so busy i completely forgot!
    i'll get on facebook in a bit and have a peek :D cheers hun xx
  • thanks for the msg. yeah call round for a brew anytime, you're always welcome.
    i'm 28 and live with my bf stu, my 2 girls abi and jenni (8 & 5), 2 cats lennon and pippa and soon to be chickens, lol. x msg me back.
  • Lol, I'm afraid I dont. I can tell you about s. yorks, and a little of Leeds but after that I'm a bit useless.
  • Hiya. I'm in Sheffield :) What about you?
  • hey there, thank you so much :) im very well thank you, looking forward to summer very much! how are you? xx