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  • Couldnt work out what you meant then,but no,that wasnt a response to your last message (that was during the storm wasnt it?),just I know I'd said you could count on 'by friday' and its passed that so didnt want you to think that was just a false promise.I'd seen your post on the 'whatcha feeling' thread :( Unfortunately I'm reliant on particuarly unhelpful people who werent even going to get me shopping today coz they didnt want to have to carry a small bag of logs to their car and clearly me being cold all weekend coz of running out matters not one jot :rolleyes: So I'm *hoping* monday when a vaguely helpful person is around and will let you know as soon as I do xx
  • heya,havent forgotten you,waiting on staff to bring me my file xx
  • Thanks.sadly its all going tits up so I havent been on here for a bit but I appreciate your thoughts :) dont ever get ill unless youve got a loving partner to fight your corner and take up the slack,thats my advice :S
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    .... on May 6th!!!
  • Sounds like a pretty good menu to me...I'm liking the sound of the Mediterranean stew (what makes it Mediterranean, did you make it outside in the sunshine? ;) )
  • favourite programme...what did you cook?
  • Yeh, bit disappointing...she reckons she caught the flu cos of the volcanic ash...I think that's how plague was originally spread, to do with fleas and things...or something....* quickly changes subject so as to gloss over the lack of plague-type knowledge ;) What did you get up to with the neighbours then...Singstar or Wii bowling?
  • Hi there Boko *waves* I was supposed to be going down to Stroud (in Glos) this weekend to see a friend and have a belated birthday 'girlie' weekend, but she has the flu, so it didn't happen :( I went into town yesterday as there was a European market on in the centre. It was a lovely atmosphere, and the sunshine just made everyone come outdoors. I was charity shop shopping and managed to find some real bargains. How was your weekend....good? :)
  • Hi B-M :)
    I have had an ok week...and am looking forward to two weeks off school for the easter hols :) What are you up to this weekend?
  • You are very welcome :) Where does your username come from btw? It's unusual :)
  • I'm the most unobservant person I know!! I actually thought I was observant but it would appear that I don't notice anything...I'd be a useless detective ;)
  • Someone reading this would be very confused if they didn't know what we were referring to :D I found the picture whilst trying to find images that fool the eye, for something I was doing with the CubScout group I help run. We were doing an evening called 'How observant are you?'
  • Thanks mate :thumbup: so which word do you see...I flick from one to the other, but see 'you' more than 'me' :)
  • thanks i apprieciate that :)
  • :) morning lovely! :flower: have a wonderful monday :hug: and spread some happiness this week :sunflower:sunflower