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  • not too bad, been a bit bored being unemployed but the festival starts soon and it'll be party central for me! you met up with sunny yet?
  • [COLOR=green]You live near Exeter? We should hook up![/COLOR]
  • Well, I megt you with Cally and Paddy :)
    I was a bit quite tbh though :P
    I'm the ginger one who had the lighter as a cigar. muhahah
    hope that jogged your memory a tad :)
  • Sorry it's taken until now to message you,
    haven't been on my laptop for ages!
    Really nice meeting you,
    I think you're ace! :D
    And i shall say it again, awesome dreads!!
  • Haha awesome :) I was very tempted by you dreading my hair... x
  • Nice meeting you the other day :) x
  • have you still got my number?
  • starts at 9 ish, will carry on til 1 i suspect, got a big of a full house here but i reckon we could fit another in if you want?

    tuesday i'm working 10-5, free in the evening. sounding like the easier option!
  • working 1-9 then i've got a gig for a free magazine launch at the forrest cafe, you should come along :)
  • don't worry about the lateness, i'm sure you're a busy girl. my life feels pretty mad just now, in mixutre of good and bad ways. you?
  • happy birthday erika!
  • sounds good, that book shop looks amazing, i love the idea with donating to charity and trees. I'm off for a wee walk so i;ll catch ye later yarp
  • some free ones round devon mefinks. definetly can't aford to go to big ones. although mite get to glasto for free with the charity i work for in exeter. [URL="http://www.book-cycle.org"]www.book-cycle.org[/URL] that would be cooooool
  • narp man, was thinking bout download, down,zz top, clutch and some others are
    playing there, but i'm pretty skint, need to get a job then i might go for a wee adventure in me car with a tent up northwards. What bout you, going to any festivals?
  • Yarp i remember now. So are you travelling round uk or staying in execter?
  • I live near scone on the edge of a farm down from kinnoull hill. Used to go to tams and the grill years ago, played a few gigs there, now its pretty much donskies and muckies, although tams is getting good again, got the old stage setup again. Yar i know floyd name but i'm terrible with faces, did he use to work in the grill?
  • Cool man, i live in Perth, i've probably seen ye around, see on yer myspace yer friends with, big paul, liam, pryder and all those dudes, saw the picture of the tree mound too, love it always wanted to go look at it after seeing it from the road
  • Ha blobfish is deceptively speedy despite its blob like appearance, but alas blobfish is yet to get anyone. Hows ye, what you up to. I see in your blurb section you remember playing on a beach in scotland, whereabouts was that?
  • yea thats where the photo was taken, in mid france, in a town called Chauvigny :) Enjoy the blighters :)
  • Bought several of them at the jack o' the green in Hastings, Mayday weekend.
    I've got it blown up on the front of my van (there's a piccy in my album).

    Glad you like it. :)
  • Hi there. My names Phil, and I'm doing pretty good :) How about you?