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  • :hug: :hug: :hug:
  • Hey,
    Im down near Penarth, you from round here too?
    peace x
  • Iam ok thanks, had some up's an down's... but dont we all :)
    may have to leve the house am in landlady wont's more money lol... think i`ll go live in da buss :)
  • HIya Hun.. just wanted to say hi, and intro myself.. I'm a claire too, and have been mates with stardust for longer than I care to remember. Looking forward to meeting you really soon. Hope you can make it on the 9th., Just sorry I wont be here on the 29th to meet you, hey ho. x:hug:
  • Hi Shel, long time no see :P hows you hope alls ok :)
  • going to (hopefully) sunny wales! then free all summer so will definitely have to get together!

    the boys have got back now so i gotta go mate :hug: take care x x x x x
  • then after your well earned rest do you want to come and play pirates or would you be up for a visitor?
  • heheheee....

    and nice one for jacking the job in! :D what you got planned for the week then? ;)

    i'm just painting in my journal. and then when the boys get back we're making treasure maps. (am looking after sarahs son and him and his mate have disappeared up the woods and are having a great time so i get the computer to myself for five minutes!)
  • oooooh mate, sorry about the ropey bit,:hug: glad you are happy too ive jacked that pain in the arse job in- no more shitty hours for me.:D.....wot ya painting?xxx
  • she's very very tired and feels kind of ropey, but also very happy and covered in paint! :D

    how's you? :hug:
  • hello how are you ?
  • Just thought I'd say "Hi". Love your hairstyle, unfortunately I'm not brave to be experimental with my hair, but I appreciate it when somebody else is experimental with theirs. Anyway thought I'd leave a message as you sound a pretty interesting person.
  • yeah would be great too meet up
    well we will be setting off the thursday or friday and heading home on the sunday
    scared as i have agorophobia but im determined and excited all at the same time lol
    so many peeps to meet and so many hugs to give out
  • yeah we are ok we had a fire last night and my grandaughter slept over so i had her all day was great shes nearly 3
    we are going for the last weekend well 3 days cant go any longer as i have a very ill son whom i cant really leave any longer
  • hey shell hows it going hunny
  • Hey hey, so whats your plan for avebury? Got anything specifically planned or just going to turn up and let things unfold?
  • Well Im hoping we can camp on site, anyhow I need sleep! Talk to you soon! x
  • Oh defiantly! We should meet up! I will give you my mobile number sometime, I have no idea where you camp out, but on a few sites it mentions it, but not in detail...
  • Ah cool! Sounds good, well like ive said I will be there from saturday, all being well and weather permitting! Theres about 6 of me and my friends going, im so excited, first time for something like this! :)
  • Hey no problem :) So what are your plans for avebury? Have you seen anywhere other then this site talking about avebury at the solstice?
  • Iam so glad you was thinking of me, very kind you shel xxx :)
  • Lets just say it was fun :) but boy what a long day 600 mile round trip ...

    Hows you ok ? am just gonna upload some pic's now :)
  • not to bad ta. pretty knackered but the sun is out so can't complain!

    how's you? :hug:
  • Thanks babe had a lovley day with family
    My little granddaughter helped make the cake
    How's you hunny
  • depends what sort of high school. somewhere like eton....possibly not. somewhere not so posh....mebbe!

    when i worked in the kids home they were fine with my dreads, but when i had to go to meetings and interact with parents they preferred that i wore a head scarf. i'm sure there must be a way of making them look so neat as to not be noticeable. hell, if i can make mine look neat enough for a wedding and my mum didn't moan, then you can make yours look neat enough for a school!
  • what time is it? i will do lots of chanting and meditating and asking the universe nicely to make it happen! :D
  • TOTALLY awesome! :grin: loads of adventures then? :D
  • right am off need a bath, catch you laters :)
  • Ha, nice that work thx :)
  • Iam but she cant drive :P