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  • New job and new access to the internet! Blessed be x x x :woohoo:
  • :stoopid:But I still love you!!:pp
  • I wanna :spank: you!!
  • :master:I know my place mistress :angel:
  • :loveu:Love you! Love you! xxx:jason2:hehe
  • Happy cristmas and may you have a wonderfull new year, full of everything you want and need.:xdrink::xsnowball
  • Babes going crazy:wall: being away from you! 6 n bit days until I'm there with you:insane:

    Love Steve xxx
  • heya wednesday.

    Have been very quiet as had alot going on (with the house, allotment, eco things and family issues - groan)

    But in all doing well... so little time so much to do :) How is everyone?

  • £38000 a year and all I have done today is surf and drink tea! F**k me I have a blessed life!:whistle: lol
    No seriously I am bored to tears and feel like climbing a mountain to burn off all this raw energy I have! Hope tomorrow I have problems to solve or I might start my serial killing early!!:curse: lol xxx
  • Babes in work and very very bored!:sleep: Need another weekend with you. Spending my morning surfing for cool clothes! lol So not all bad! xxxx:hippy:
  • Babes! As requested have got my ass on here!! Had a great weekend and love the new me! Hence the username I chose. See you in 3 days lol xxxxx
  • Bah I've moved to Brighton! And only got this message now. haha. Sorry!
  • so how was the first day at work ? I've just had an engineering company ring me about a job and they make custom parts for motor bikes mmmmmmmmmmm sounds good to me they need someone to test the stuff i think lol take care xx
  • I'm good thanks .
  • How are you?
  • i'll find the thread and have a look, i'm only down in peterborough so it's not awfully far :) and i'm ok, thanks, slowly sorting out the room i've just started renting :)
  • zomg i'm ignant lol! seriously, sorry! :o were you organising a meet-up in lincs? not sure if that's just my imagination... :insane:
  • hey! just recieved the buttons! i have lots now., thank you very much!! xxxxx
  • i'm off to bed now princess . Take care and I'll ring you tomorrow love you xxxxxxxxxx
  • i am behaving just don't want you to get cold lol
  • I do have a sleeping bag that will zip to the one i gave you so you don't have to get to cold ???xxx
  • lol i don't know what you meen i was thinking of big cuddles to keep you warm xxx
  • if it is we can move in to the house and and i'll keep you warm xxx
  • OK then xxx
  • you know you'll win don't you xxx ok Princess
  • lol we'll have to see xxx
  • yes i've just seen them .You look lovely even in MY BSA hoody xxx
  • Hiya

    Not badf yesterday but had a sod of a day today!! But hey it's Friday and I'm home with a beer and UKHippy to cheer me up!! Hope you're good and looking forward to a goood weekend!
  • sweet dreams princess xxx
  • Hi WednesdayB!

    I'm flattered and pleased to be your friend!! Looking forward to getting to know you.