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  • hey hows you? we havent spoken in ages....hope you are ok :)
  • Hi , If your interested I'd like to add your Toyota-Caetano to my website , but need larger sized images than are on here !
    Cheers , Dave
  • What is the bus in your avatar?
  • hiya mate hows it going what you been uoto. anything nice going on with you in this nice weather. :)
  • Probably someone else then. Hmm. Very similar looking bus though. Biiiiig and white and groovy :)
  • You're based in Wales and have a bus that reminds me of Zenedds bus, but it's not him I keep seeing because I text him and he says no...... Twice, I think, or was it the once... Going down the M4 away from Wales, towards England. Might it have been you? :)
  • Pretty sure I've seen you in your bus.
  • hiya mate thanks for the link. ahhh bus porn lovely. will let you know if i see anything i like on there. have a good day mate. talk soon. jay :)
  • wow your bus is huge and for the same price.. nice one mate. im looking to get something around the same size but hopefully an older one. im not sure as what to get at the mo. gonna go hunting this weekend see whats about. any good ideas on a new van ?? good your ok mate.
  • hiya mate how it going you ok. good news ???? the van was sold. got £2500 woohoo. gonna go look at the local bus breakers this weekend for a new one. cant wait. how ya been mate :)
  • ok thanks mate. yeah i have it on freeads adtrader ebay squatjuice preloved and here. i know it will take time but im desperate to get it gone while the van is road legal. glad you think its ok as it is and the price. i thought i might be asking too much as it was up for 3. thanks for the link i will be having a browse soon. i think i might jus spend the 50 squid jus to make it look jus that lil bit nicer for the buyers. thanks for your advice and opinion. are you going to the gathering. take care fella. jay :)
  • hiya fella. soz to pester you. basicly i am trying to sell my van :( i love the look of yours and was jus wondering how you did the paint job. i have read the thread about van painting on here but wanted some detailed advice as i think i need to paint the van in order to sell it. could you look at my van under my pics and tell me if you think it really needs doing or i should jus leave it upto the new owner. allso do you know anyone looking for a van and am i asking too much for it. its all legal and road worthy. are you going to essex gathering ? if not sold i will be bringing it there. thankyou in advance. whats your real name. or you happy with slowpace. jay :)
  • hello slowpace mate how are you. what you been upto. can i ask a favour well more advice really about your bus my bus.
  • Hey :D Maker is a looooooong way from me! At least 7 hours I think!
  • im good thanks, im soooo glad you got back safe and sound!
  • hey you are alive then!! how was it driving the van back?
  • :Dyou lucky git:D
  • just click the box in the corner of each message then scroll down the page and approve the messages
  • youll be would make it easier if you were going with someone
  • its not fooked....there was loadsa problems with that young lad sending crappy messages/comments to people....this is a way of pissing him off
  • i already found it and posted a the hell are you gonna manage driving it? is anyone going with you?
  • no love wheres the pic.....oooooh i wish i was going to look at a bus
  • im glad and i bet you are too:D
  • yes thanks
  • Ha, so nice to hear that its coming on good :) chat soon.
  • The welding is done :woohoo: I am now about to bitumen/waxoil/underseal all the inside then put the floor down :thumbup:
  • thankyou, i seem to have had a better day and night today, hope it continues
  • alriteeee you!!!
  • i love mercs.....used to have one about 10yrs was didnt go faster than about 55mph....i loved it
  • wot type of vehicle you lookin at?