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  • The Frozen North. That's cute! The part of Canada I live in with have -30 for about a month!
  • Boo 😊hey stranger how are you doing? Long time no speak x
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  • Think if I was gonna go on a mad garden job hunt I'd go for Christopher LLoyd's garden, one of the lads from Cruig farm is now head gardener there. :D
  • Thought this might be interesting even just to see what is out there.
  • Sorry, I forgot to reply to this one too! D'oh! :damn: Hope you're all set for a good christmas :xtree2: :xgrin:
  • I think I dropped out last year - alot was/has happening with the allotment getting smashed up (chooks getting nicked) meeting my girlfriend, work getting in the way and life flying by far too quick..

    Recently now my parents 31 year marriage ending, the time is now right so decided to rent out the house and go onto 4 wheel (so the mad dash to get motor home all sort :o) living at mums or girlfriends during that time.. and here is to moving around in the world.

    How is things up there in scotland?
  • hello hello hello fellow cat lover :D long time no speak :D
  • I am, in fact I added you when I was checking out your photos, I'm Meshuggener403, the one with the big beard :P
  • Hiya :hippy3: How are you? Just thought I'd pop by and say hi, I went had a look at your Flickr page when you posted that photo of your hair, you've got some lovely photos on there! Your cats are gorgeous :wub:
  • [COLOR=#000000][FONT=\]Mmmm, yes - but I think that's a learned bahaviour. I think you could change if you wanted to and not stress yourself out. Next time you find the wee black cat - make sure you make a huge fuss and give him lots of cuddles before he sneaks off again!!! We had to take H's rescue guinea pig to the vet to have an abscess lanced and she was not happy and wouldn't come out of her wee house. On top of that too - I had to clean the wound out every day with saline and a seringe, so she really hated me for a bit. Henners made a huge fuss over her every day after school and she's talking to me again!!! It would be nice to explain to them that you really love them.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  • the remit was only for a year as I had to set it up and hand it over to the community. but it was brilliant. i remember standing in my wellies on a wonderfully hot summers day looking over Cambeltown Loch thinking how lucky I was to have this job. Don't worry about plant ordering - if you need any ideas - you know where I am. YOu need to think a little before the seaso9n begins and have a look at what the gardening magazines are saying and look at colour trends as well as what is feasable to be grown locally. Also see if you can do any horticultural training while you are on the job!!! Luck girl!!!! I am back in college doing a teaching diploma - I want to teach therapies and if I have a teaching job it means that I can have the holidays off with Henners, mainly. I have also been setting up my own therapy practice again.
  • just wanted to say good luck with the job - gardening jobws are the best ever. My absolutely best job was project managing a community garden. Getting paid to show kids how to grow veg and getting people involved with gardening was brilliant! I am so made up for you flower. I really hope it goes well. xxx
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    Saw this on my travels
    may be trash or treasure
  • I watched it :( :cry:
  • Thanks for the message xx :)
  • Ooh your page is a nice colour :) That`s great news fingers crossed that it holds then. Good luck in getting her back outside that`s how i ended up with a chicken living in my back room permanently hehe. She was the last one to survive and after she`d had a taste of being in when she was sick she hated being outside. She used to press her face up to the window and pace up and down the window ledge till she got in to watch TV :D
  • Hey Beachcomber was just wondering if Speckle chicken made it or not?? I had a chicken with a prolapse once too was horrible :(
  • Beachey, beach beach beach beach, Beachcomber. Be be, be be be be, be Happy :flower:
  • Ello. Your inbox is full! Well done on the job, hope the place is not owned by the Scottish Basil Fawlty :D ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
  • Good luck for the new job :) x
  • Morning

    Hope your interview goes well :)
  • Thanks petal! It was one of those shitty days :(.
  • Oh wow, you keep chickens then? The weather has been gorgeous here too, and everyone seems much happier for it, I'm so glad winter is over! I went to a street festival today :)
  • Hey lovely, how are you doing? :)
  • Wow, you were brave going for that job, considering you feel that way about the place. From what you've said, you don't deserve the shit and stress of working there again, though, no matter how poor you are, you don't deserve to be unhappy in work.
    I really hope you feel a little bit brighter tomorrow xx
  • Are you okay, chicky? *squish!*
  • Hehe! Where abouts in Scotland are you from?:D
  • Hello :waves: I have no idea what adding you as a friend on here actually [I]means[/I], but I thought I'd do it anyway as you agree with me when it comes to people's vampire obsessions :P
  • yes yes bring it on :D it all goes dead quite in our village when it snows its great ,