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  • Hiya, how are you? Long time no speak! Just accepted your friend request so thought I'd say hi, hope you're ok :)
  • Hey hows things?
  • so nice of you to reply so soon,my wife has fibre mialger it makes her tired all the time,sure she would like to become friends.
  • hi try not to worry to much,ive just lost my legs,but am glad to get rid of the pain 8 years of it.i realy hope you can find a way to get rid of yours,good luck.
  • Hey Tordisa. I hope you are ok. xx
  • Hey Tordisa :). How are you? You seem like a nice lady :D. x
  • am having a bad day - very achey and really really tired. i seriously over did things over the past couple of days. i have slept a lot today but still feel tired. the worst bit is going to bed at 10 waking up at 7 and looking like i've been up all night with dark circles. and i am getting sooooo bored. i've been doing a lot of knitting and have had a couple of commissions ( all down to being inspired by ali free spirit and baby gwen). i will get my sewing machine out soon as i promised ali a couple of frocks for gwen. how's the new house darlin? all settled in? and what's this about the man moving????
  • hello flower! you really did cheer me up yesterday missus. hugs xxx ps hope all is good with you lovely xxx
  • rainbow and the moon together eh flower - that has to be totally magical! we have finally got permission to have a community garden in the back garden of the flats from the housing association so we now have to co-ordinate when we are going to get together to start. not really strong enough at the mo to do it on my own.

    have a lovely day darlin! xxx
  • hello flower - glad to hear that your move is over and done with - when are they fixing the water? there is always something isn't there. a garden will make a huge difference! i miss mine dreadfully.....maybe we'll get down to visit you sometime. i have your pc from last summer on the notice board to remind have a lovely rest of the day darlin, hugs xxx
  • he he!!!! i do love to send a surprise!!! hope you will all be happy in your new home flower!!! looking forward to linking with you at some point. hugs, bee xxx
  • hello flower! how's the move going/gone? i mailed you something to your new addy this morning, just for your new home to wish you good stuff! xxx
  • hello petal! how's things? we have had the most wonderful afternoon planting seeds and trees at a community environmental event. h and i planted a rowan, a birch and a couple of elders. they had all sorts of local goodies to sample free....the most amazing honey ice cream - bliss! honey is so my thing (believe it or not!!!) organic veggie soup, home made whole meal bread and local cheese with homemade pickle. they had a free tombola - with a prize every time. h won a pot of mini daffs and i won a packet of lettuce seeds. h also planted basil seeds in a pot ( not in the kitchen). liverpool is such a great place for community. have you seen the moon? it is wonderful tonight......hugs xxx
  • Aw darlin - i wish i was strong enough to come and give you a hand - but simon is a treasure so i'm sure he'll be wonderful help. i would love to come down and visit you - i have never been to south wales....just the north bit - i have a real pull to angelsey, think i might have has a life there... sending you hugs and lots of peace and calm for the move, bee xxx
  • Hi Tordisa - thank you so much for your feedback. It though the old one was good too, but I had so many people come back and say they couldn't see the jewellery properly and I am thrilled with the new look! Which pair do you like? I am getting excited about ordering more wire and stones at the beginning of next month when I get my US tax refund. I so love making the jewellery. Thanks too for sympathising on the pain. It really is quite horrid at times. Unfortunately, the Fife NHS doesn't offer it, but I've gotten in touch with the MSP and they are going to plead my case to the director. Keeping fingers crossed. Now, we really can't afford to lose the NHS. I've never had trouble for a moment with the NHS and much prefer it to healthcare in the US! xxxxx
  • yes lovely - i'm still at the same place. i thought you were going to come up these ends for a gig aometime - or was i imagining things? have you got hippies to help with your move petal xxx
  • hello flower! hope all is good with you down there in wales! any news onn whether you will move yet? hugs xxx
  • goood morning lovely! it's a bit grey here today buy hey, everyday can't be sunny cos we wouldn't appreciate the sunny ones then!! have a beautiful one xxx
  • it's always good to have a rant, beter out than in as they say, but i felt like you needed a hug too! pm me your new addy too flower. i am really hoping that we can get to a gathering cos it would be lush to sit and have a gab over a brew. i was considering the dorset one but i am having a little bit of a relapse and have to go to the doc tomorrow again... xxx
  • just read your mini rant so am sending you this :hug:
    i absolutely hate farce book and i totally understand your annoyance with it. my middle son (who is 21) has only 9 friends on his page thingy and he refuses to have anyone on a friends list that he doesn't know personally and then it has to be for a really long time.

    and have another one of these [IMG][/IMG] for the news about your mum. sending you both light and love, bee xxx
  • Just back from a very needed weekend away. Thanks for your support, dear one! Sites should be up and running tomorrow - but need to hold off for another day if PayPal isn't confirmed yet. Hope you like the new site!
  • its a bit miserable here. i am enconsed in the living room - sofabed out, watching the birds feed. i have been having trouble posting pics here. i finished my kitchen mosaic back in the summer and i haven't been able to post any pics - if you pm me your normal e-mail i will send them that way! i have tried every which way by all instructions and it just isn't working. heyho! i can't wait for spring when we can all get out and about again. i think of you often - hat in prominent place and i often wear it! hope we can link up this summer. hugs xxx
  • hello flower! hope all is well with you. i am deffo going to take my time getting better properly this time and so am getting as much rest as poss and being really lazy and doing the bard minimum at home. lazing about knitting!!! i have discovered a stitch called bee - in 45years of knitting i can't believe i never came across it before!!! peace light and love, bee xxx
  • Hi there! Thanks for your interest in the website! I can never remember whether I can or can't post the url, so I err on the side of caution. :<) My website is [url][/url] and Nos' is [url][/url]. Hope you like them. Really would love feedback if there is something that doesn't look right or if you think the prices are too high, etc., etc. Really would value your opinion.

    Hope all is well with you! xxx
  • hello petal! lovin the choon. where have you moved to then missus? peace light and love to you and yours, bee xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • hello flower! how are you? don't get much time to play on here these days.....can you p m me your snail mail addy missus? thanks petal. hugs xxx
  • Aw. But we do it don't we, give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they'll start being reasonable, specially in vulnerable times. :hug:
  • you'll lol more that my flipping housing situation is down to me being weak and accepting the rental off and nextdoor to her and stepdad . . . so they could *help* after Ro's dad died. Before then we had a cool, but ok relationship. Unfortunately he's the worst landlord ever and she doesn't understand that *helping* requires *listening to me*

  • your mum sounds a lot like mine, I apparently was always the intelligent one . . . though she dissaproves of all i do!