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  • Hey hun just flicking through the site. Read your blog the other day bout self harming. I've never doen it but no people who have. I just wanted to say hi and hope all's going well in your world rite now and hope you've had a good weekend.
    Keep ya Chin up lovely!, sending you peace, happiness and fairydust from the rastafairyland!! :0) x x
  • hi i used to self harm and found a way to stop it...i dont think you seek attention but i do think you feel low...so i hope you have a good day and you can always mess me if you want to talk..i dont have all the answers but i will try to understand x
  • hi i used to self harm and stopped xx
  • Yup! Check the gatherings forum
  • Hello sOck, it's your birthay, i hope it is a good one and you have loads of fun and prezzies lots of love lulu62uk. by the way it's mine as well lol.