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  • Hi Patchouli, thanks for message. i hope you get as much joy from your Border Collie as i do from mine. She is approx five and half years, i rescued her when she was 18 months and i was her fourth owner!! It was a long road to getting her trust, and building her confidence up, but it has been a road worth traveling. there is certainly never a dull moment when you let a Border Collie into your life!

    If its not a Border Collie its only a dog! PS. must learn how to post Photos.
  • Hi bluemerle! My Border Collie is also a blue merle :)
  • :)morning flower! :sunflower lovely and bright here but rather breezy..... i really want to skive off to wales for the day!!! i should be cutting up tiles mosaic size and getting started on the bit that needs tiling! :sunflower as i'm technically taking some holiday time - i feel i should be sharing a tune in the morning and continuing on the sun theme ... hope you enjoy this one!:hug:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower Jam - I Know You Rider - Europe '72[/ame]
  • [quote]Whoops meant Her not Him!!!!![/quote]

    thats ok

    If its not a Border Collie its only a dog!

    so right !!!!! :) hope you are having a good day!
  • Hi, thanks for he welcome. Still trying to figure my way around this site.