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  • Hi
    Hows the driving going? I passed my test last friday and have got me first car, it's only a little escort but it seems reliable so should be good to get experiance with, hopefully going to get a van to live in next summer.:)
  • I built my first waggon in the early 1980s and I have restored and build a few more since then, Theres Two links to some photos on a post gypsy caravan that Ive been on this last week one to webshots one to flicker both have some photos of somE of the waggons I have had. I get a big buzz out of building from scrap matarials, but as I sell one the money can go to the next so they have improved some what. At the moment I have one im doing up and one I use, thing is I dont know which one I want to part with. Im thinking of keeping both and doing mini breaks and have familys join me, not to sure about things like insurence though so chances are it wont never happen
  • Hey i just posted something on your meditation thread. If you can get it to work then its a really good excercise. Best of luck mate ;)
  • Hi
    I'v not put in for it, waiting till I get paid next week then I'm goin to try n get a last minuet booking. can't wait but I'm shittin it as well :insane:
    Good luck with yours:)
  • hey how about some photos of you RD
  • Hi Ya

    just saw your thread about hitting the road

    as a fellow scot that has been on the road one way or other for over 20 odd years i would just say go for it

    i am parked up near Ullapool and if you need any help give me a shout
  • That's okay :) x
  • Hey dragon :waves: When you quote you don't need to write submitted by anyone or anything like that, just simply leave the quote as it is and write what you have to say underneath it. I hope this helps :)