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  • [COLOR="Purple"][B]And good morning to you too.:)
    I have been a bit of a tw*t, and have been up all night researching.(bangs head up wall!)[/B][/COLOR]
  • good morning....
  • thank you xxxx
  • [COLOR="Purple"][B]Yeah-sure. I'm looking through 'Celebrity Crushes (I think Im on heat!)' - great fun! Have a good night both of you - talk tomorrow :)[/B][/COLOR]
  • I have just finished tea. Ok to ring tomorrow?
  • Ok. Im logging out now.
  • [COLOR="Purple"][B]Yep sure thing! (Oooooh - colour and bold - niiiice!)[/B][/COLOR]
  • Yeah,that was just before i rang you,lol. Still ringing tonight?
  • I'm good thanks! And you? I eventually went to bye-byes at 4 am !!!!! (and up again at 7).But I've got the lounge pretty much as I want it now. HaHa - I only went and fell over - (did I already tell you this???) I trod on the poxy monitor plug - boy does that hurt barefoot!! Then I went careening across the room and ended up on the floor, hugging the vacuum!! Just hurt my pride really - and I had the curtains down with the lights on - aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
  • How are you today? :D
  • It is and good fun to which makes a nice change , on other forums most of the time its like talking to bricks , on here there is loads of realy good clever and interesting people
  • Hello you, hope your havin a nice time on here ,
  • Morning!