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  • Hey ppl,
    Not been on this site v. long but really impressed by what I'm seeing. I found your group 'alternativelincs' but can't seem to get anywhere with it on-line. (If I'm doing something wrong let me know)! I hang around Lincoln and Lincolnshire when I'm not working - is the invitation to drop-by still open or have things changed (as they sometimes do)? I'll bring alcohol!
    Talk soon, ollie.
  • Hi Alex. A cafe would be nice, somewhere in town maybe[COLOR=#000000]?[/COLOR]
  • Hi Alex. Nice to "meet" you. Yes, i am a scientist. My PhD is in molecular microbiology but i work in diagnosis of infectious diseases. I love my job!!! What are you up to?
  • Oh wow!!! Good luck :P my degree doesn't actually give me teacher status in the UK, I'm hoping to train as an educational psychologist, but it takes a long time to do that. My sister is a primary school teacher, she loves it and is very good at it but finds it very stressful at times! You are brave teaching secondary, I'd never have the discipline for that! Let me know how it goes :)
  • Hello lovely, it wasn't too bad thanks :) I'm in my third year of a BA in Education and Psychology, I'm really enjoying it but there is a lot of pressure this year. What do you do with your time, do you work or anything? :)
  • I'm okay hun, haven't been up to a massive amount, just preparing for Christmas and things :) how about you, how are things?
  • Hey Alex, thank you for the welcome:) sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner, I thought I had but obviously I couldn't have sent it! I hope all is well with you?
  • Have a colourful autumn!!!! :)
  • haha! They don't half throw you in at the deep end don't they! Hows it going? xx
  • Hi hun! Glad you like the pic! Thanks. xx
  • Ooo my friend went to uni in Notts, it's looovely! Have a hemp burger at The Ally Cat Cafe - yum!!
    Well, not ot be negative or anything, but now I've finished my PGCE I've decided I don't actually want to be a teacher anymore! Which is a bit of a glitch in the old life plan, I think I'm going to try to do my first year so I'm properly qualified in case I want/need to go back to teaching when I'm older, and at the same time I'm going to do lots of volunteering and stuff for environmental organisations and try to move in that sort of direction careerwise...at the moment I'm severly putting off finding a supply teaching agency :( scary thought! x
  • Ooo sorry, that did NOT look so huge when I was writing it in this little box! argh!
  • Waaaah! Don't do it!!! It was the worst year of my life..seriously! But thats what everyone who's done a PGCE will tell you, and you'll probably ignore it, as I did, soo hmm what can I say...I did Early Years, which is a long way off secondary Science so the courses are probably really different, which uni you going to? If it's the Uni of B'ham then make sure you check if there's any pre course learning, best get it out of the way asap, I was in Morrocco summer before my PGCE and found out about all this precourse learning stuff in the middle of the first week - didn't do any of the reading over the hols either but can't say it did me any harm! it sounds really bad, but the workload is Soo huge that I just got by by doing as little as possible, eg not doing the reading for lectures and stuff, if you try to do everything then you will become very stressed! Just concentrate on the stuff that you get graded on and work really hard on that and your school expeience stuff and don't worry too much about the rest! Make a big effort to make friends and contacts with everyone on your course (we had a facebook group going before we even got to uni) cos they'll be the biggest help ever when you're on placement! Be nice to everyone at schools your in too, especially the caretaker and cleaning ladies (they have keys to let you out if you get locked in or something!) and when your mentor or class teacher at school gives you some advice act on it, even if you think it's the stupidest bit of advice in the world, bite your tounge, write it into your planning, write how it went in your lesson evaluation and refer back to it, this makes your mentor feel all ego-massaged that you've taken on board their advice and your doing what you've been asked to do, and they're more likely to give you a good report - you have to play the game a bit! Also if something goes horribly wrong in one of your lessons write it down in your evaluation and how you could/will change it next time - this shows you're a 'reflective teacher' (bet you you hear that phrase a million times this next year!). Keep up with your paperwork, it's useless and pointless and boring, but it needs to be done - I did mine a lunch and break times so I could watch neighbours when I got home. Finally, try to leave school before 4.15 on at least two days a week when you're on placement and if it all gets TOO STRESSFUL don't be afraid to pull a sickie!

    Haha! hope that was a bit helpful, it felt like a bit of a rambly rant! You'll have some lovely unforgettable moments (my personal favorite was on my last day of my final placement, doing the register I said 'Good morning Leah' and instead of good morning miss, she said 'I think you're a beautiful lady and I don't see why you should have to go!' - at least someone appreicated me!) Enjoy it and best of luck! Give me a shout if you need anything! x
  • Hi :) Thankyou. Been on here for a while but still find it hard to get time to spend on this and talk to people, I wish there was a chat room place with set times or something :S
  • Yes! I finished on Friday! wooo and hoooo! :D
  • My summer is silent...it's too hot outside and my heart then is to weak to do something special. Hope you have great summer time :D
  • hiya matey,im in warwickshire too
  • Aha, tis because I've been doing a PGCE and it's eaten all my time up, I had no time to be wild! :(
  • Hello! Thanx, I'm fine! :) How are you?
  • hey hey. i'm not a brummy haha! but i'll be your friend anyway :D
  • Nope, I'm afraid not, I've been living a hermit like hippy existance in Birmingham, Sorry, Hope you find what your looking for though :)
  • Hiya! Welcome to the site. I'm Rachel:)
  • Yeah theres quite a few on here actually. I only really talk to a couple though
  • Im from old hill, just down the road from halesowen.
    Originally from erdington :)
  • Hi :)
    Well, I'm just about to move ouy of the ham and go back home, but hellooo anyway :D How are you? x
  • Well isnt that just a great coincidence :O
    Two alex's that live in birmingham
    Thats some spooky shit
    Whereabouts in brum you from?
  • yay!! just realised I am the first person to post a visitor message for you!!
  • hiya H.A.. welcome to hippy..:D:waves: