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  • Hey ppl,
    Not been on this site v. long but really impressed by what I'm seeing. I found your group 'alternativelincs' but can't seem to get anywhere with it on-line. (If I'm doing something wrong let me know)! I hang around Lincoln and Lincolnshire when I'm not working - is the invitation to drop-by still open or have things changed (as they sometimes do)? I'll bring alcohol!
    Talk soon, ollie.
  • Got my tent! I ended up getting the one you recommended...was gonna go for the 3 man version but they had run out and i couldn`t wait. Will have a pitching trial run at the weekend so i don`t look like a twonk trying to put it up in public :D
  • I went off it for years after spending a few months camped outside a factory in Holland in Winter! Think i`m over that now all excited bout getting my own stuff.
  • Cheers for all yer help will make you a wee cuppa tea with all my new stuff sometime :D
  • That looks dead on is around the price i was thinking too. Like the wee windows at the front means i can spy on people hehe. I might try and go up to that Go outdoors at the weekend since there seems to be a sale on. Cheers :D
  • Loony!! :D Hope your back's not buggered. I warned you about doing too much too soon.......but you don't listen do you :pp
  • Cool that looks dead on cheap too! Cheers for that will keep the link and order it next week. I`ll be in my car so will be able to bring my own pots and kettle an stuff so think i just need a comfy mat to sleep on now. i have a sleeping bag but might just bring my duvet no point in slumming it hehe :)
  • Hey. No tent yet i have to wait till i get paid anyway. Had a wee look in Argos and they have a good selection but lots of them are single skinned and i remember hearing that two skins are better?? I`m wanna get a gas cooker too so i can have tea and noodles under me porch :cool:
  • I think i replied to this on my own page duh. I`m not on facebook anymore so i can`t see yer photo`s...i really miss the sea though. My original plan was to move to Cornwall but somehow ended up here! Like it though :)
  • Nah i`m just gonna go down to Dorset for a few days over the Easter weekend i think then maybe for a night to Wales the next weekend if it`s not too far. I really miss the sea so will give me an excuse to go paddling :) What bout you??
  • Nah it was too scary plus none of the tents had pictures on em so i couldn`t see if they had a porch or not :) I don`t need the tent till Easter so least i`ll have time to browse a bit...
  • You`d have wet yerself in Millets today there was a closing down sale they were practically giving stuff away. I tried to buy a tent but crazy shoppers kept bumping into me so i ran away :panic:
  • It will be lovely, just think of all that snow then you hit the hills, and your bike will still be moving. My mate has an old cossack and side car that he has done up, trying to convince him to lend it to me so I can do my test................ I really don't think my plan is going to work though. Right I am off to take my mums dog out. Tis cold and wet :cry:
  • Hahaha, is that the one the side of a mountain? I know nutters that go to it.
  • Yeah, we have to find a new end of Jan rally, that is not to far a run out. Last year it was a frozen quagmire, the year before minus 12 camping........ I thought the tent was going to snap while trying to get out early morning. I am playing with the idea of doing the Simmer dim this year with the nutters from Durham that I meet up with, but its all down to dosh. I do the odd rally over in Northern Ireland as well, as one of my best mates lives in Belfast, they are always a good laugh, and only small. They are a bit rubbish if you dont eat burgers and chips though .
  • I stopped doing rallies years ago, my knees cannot do hours on a bike anymore, then decided to do marshalling 2 years ago, and got asked to do security. My favourite rally that I would party at has finished for good this year, which is dead sad. It was the 3 boundaries at Worsley, a tiny little rally with a big camp fire and homebrew beer in the scout hut. Reminds me of how rallies used to be in the 80's :o
  • Oh yes they love it, and I would rather jump into a group of arguing bikers than a gang of random men. Not that we have many fights at rallies, they are self controlled, my main job is escorting drunks to the blue tent next to the black bike, the one with the fella with a beard in the next tent lol.
  • [COLOR=#000000]Haha, I took my tiny 2 man tent and ended up sleeping in the day with my feet stuck out in the rain as I could not get my boots and waterproofs off, inches of mud up them. I spent Saturday telling folk to sleep in as they needed the side of the field to clear so they could open new gates, so I do hope most got off without too many accidents. My last shift was up at the top gate near the house. Bit spooky up there on your own, with trippy trees, think I was deffo suffering with exhaustion by then. I got lots of random hugs off drunken bikers much to the dismay of the fella's I was working with lol. They are not bikers and don't get it. Just had to copy this from my own wall, not sure how I managed that [/COLOR]
  • No, wish I had done my bike test years ago, but since having kids I don't have the bottle, it made me feel very vulnerable last year when I had a little blast on my mates 125. I am the "forever" pillion I think lol. I used to love storming, but doing it as a steward, makes you see the other side. Farmyard this year was hard work, wading through mud for hours on end round the stalls, my first time there since they moved the site :eek:.
  • Hi, Farmyard, Nabd and Stormin the Castle via RPL. Did the bug jam as well at Santa pod, which was different, but a good experience.
  • Hey Joss, we have a free spare ticket going for rock and bike if you fancy comming, a bit late notice but it's there if you want it.
  • Aw sorry, I thought I put the link, it's a landrover specific motorcycle carrier.
  • Hey Joss, I saw this and thought you may be interested x
  • Ah, well the dog would be Moor, who is from Dutchland, and now fairly deaf and a touch blind...and the guy with the beard would be either....a womble from the bus, or, if a tall crazy looking Viking type chap, then that would be Daniel, best friend of Moor! If bearded fellow was wearing a khaki Man-Kilt, then it was def the Dutch Viking!.....he is the husband of my bestest friend!!

    So what do you do up there, apart form cruising about on your schexy ol' motory bike? I am hopefully coming up for a new year slap up again, if i can get my head into 'festive'..........!
  • i could have sworn i replied to this yesterday...... is it a double decker 'too coo for skool bus' that you are referring to?..................nah, dont know nuffink about it!!!!

    Actually, it belongs to The Wombles.....honestly!
  • They are South, near Helpringham or Heckington or both...i always get them mixed up!! Yes, the sunsets are fab! I love the way you can see the sun rise and set from more or less the same spot in the field!! Its just magical! And also, turning off from a main road, then you are suddenly on a single track road. it's great!
    I am in North Beds, in the River, Ouse Valley, which is lovely, but just FEELS different somehow from up in the shire! It seems more claustrophobic here..its good to escape every so often!
    We spent New Years Day on Skeggy beach, just before dark....we all went up in a bus and 1 car, and walked along the sand with 5 dogs, children and a bunch of mates, then got chips for home. We had spent a very long drinky and foody New year Eve together, and it was just what the doctor ordered!!

    Must be fab to see a whole herd of red deer....we just get Muntjacs down here....not the same at all!!

    So are you in a bus/van/house or tent? I am in a house here, yurt when up there!!
  • hello mister...just wondering what part of the Shire you are living? My best chum recently moved up there, near Sleaford and i often escape up there when i need to get my head together! :hippy: I LOVE the big skies...its super!
    How long have you been there?

    rosie - blackvelvetydog! :)
  • That's crap man!
  • Ouch! Not good at all!
  • Wow joss that bike is nice, i was bitten by the bike bug too, had a cbr 400 then a pause of about ten years as i built my spot and had to sell my beloved bike sniff, then i got a cbr 600 now ive got a yamaha ttr250 i know there all japanese and i now you proper biker dudes hate them, if i had the skill time and patiemce id probo build a big shed and do up various bikes and id defo probo like to have a norton or triumph one day but for now im happy with my old enduro bike, put a new sprag clutch and starter motor in a bit ago and new bushes bearings etc with a mate. but again your bike looks mint