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  • Yeah i saw that in one of the jealous! Hope you don`t have a sticky pad on the inside of your lips for catching insects though :P
  • Hey was thinking bout you today! I`m doing a veterinary course in wildlife and was learning about Noctule bats....realised that must be where you got your username from? :D
  • ELO! :)
  • Hey Vicky/Noctula, feeling sorry for your back problems :(. If you like, when the muscles have calmed down a bit I could give you a massage? I generally do people good, but I can't make any promises really. I REALLY hope you feel better soon. Enjoy mothering day because even if you can't do much at least you can know that today is dedicated to you being allowed to be proud of your mummying :). x
  • hello flower! I was just thinking of you. I got an email from environmentjob and there were loads of bat workshops!!! hope all is good with you guys. hugs xxx
  • [B][I]AND[/I][/B] a poundland? I don't think I've ever even been to one. Wow, they must be competing with the new marks and spencers. Lol.

    Hope things are good with you :) x
  • [SIZE=3]Hello ello,
    are you particularly keen on dino[/SIZE][FONT=arial narrow][SIZE=1](arrrrgh damned spelling)[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=3]sauers? [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]You seem to have made some lovely dinosauer things for your little one anyway. Well they have glow in the dark dinosauers in the 99p shop just thought you might be interested! Sorry for promoting unnecessary shopping and consumerism, they are pretty cute though :D .

    Hope your having a lovely day.

    Rowrow x
  • Yeah. I had to link them to wiki. Apparently 'I've had several fly into my head' wasn't good enough to warrant belief. :P
  • On another forum I visit I've just had to explain to someone that bats are real animals, rather than mythical ones. I thought you might appreciate the hilarity. :P
  • ahahaha 'C'haverfordwest. forgetot aaaall about that.
  • Brilliant, thanks very much! =)
  • Hi Noctula,

    You posted a link on here not so long ago to a website you recommended for frugal cooking/recipes/etc. I can't for the life of me find what thread it was, or remember the name of it. You wouldn't be able to send me it, please?

  • I'll keep everything crossed for you!
  • I hope you've sent your stuff off! Deadline in T-Minus 1 hour!
  • Sounds like you've got it covered, let me know how you get on!
  • That project sounds well good, and a tasty stipend to boot! I hope you get it. Yeah, play on your self-motivation and independent research abilities. Remember to get it in before Sunday!! Good luck!
  • Hey! Wow, that sounds great and Exeter would be an awesome place to do it! Hmmm, the project I applied for was already set up so i didn't really have to do much of a covering letter. Have they given you much information on the project? I'd suggest geeking it up a bit a read as much as you can on the most recent bat research and see if any of it can tie into your study. If not the science, look at the methods they use. As a PhD is mostly self-motivated independent research I'd advise trying to come up with some methods as to how you'd approach the project, what methods you would use, lab based or field based as it will show that you have a plan and go about your work by yourself. They'll be looking for people that can work well independently and showing that you can come up with your own ideas and go off and implement them would go down well...
  • ...Bring any projects, or give examples of projects you've done in the past that you've done independently or with a minimal amount of help. Talk about your interest in bats and conservation, what your career goals are. Also a bit of brown-nosing about the university wouldn't go amiss, why you think exeter is THE BEST place for you to undertake this research. Also if there are any 'project supervisors' attached to the project find out what their research interests are and read some of their papers.

    Be confident about your abilities and tell them why you are the best person for the project.

    Hmmmm can't think of anything else right now, will get back to you if I do. likewise, if you have any other questions feel to message me again! Let me know how it goes, fingers crossed for you!!
  • can you pm me a snail mail addy - am going to send you something for grunmpyness!!!!! and i am also very cynical - usually when someone is trying to sell me something i neither want nor need..... but at the end of the day it's about what works for you. h loves reiki, it works for him. evan, my eldest loves reflexology , indian head massage and reiki, jez, my middle son only likes indian head massage.... me - i'll have a go at most things apart from crap like machines which take toxins out of your body through your feet....please? what happened to a & p 101???
  • dh = j mh = v and interestingly K is a letter in the breton alphabet! i know that there is a festival like the mod in wales but they tend to be focussed on the single celtic nation rather than the culture as a whole.

    h is asking for some reiki - he jarred his neck this week at school and the reiki is helping him...

    Oidhche mhath flur!
  • yup only 18 - no J, no K, no Q, no V,W,X,Y or Z. no wonder you have 29 in wales - you have place names like

    then in gaelic there are weird spelling rules: for example very is[I] math [/I]which is pronounced [B][I]vaa[/I][/B]......

    but what a wonderful rich culture the celtic peoples have! xxx

  • when h was little and we lived on islay cbbies some of was in gaelic - i guess it's the same in wales. when he was in nursery he said he wanted to learn gaelic - so of we went to family gaelic classes - and i did notice when i was in ireland that it is similar aswell as the 18 letter alphabet. i did a year of breton when i was at uni (so i could understand the graffiti on the campus)....have you ever been to the international celtic festival in brittany? amazing!
  • ah that's interesting see academics - unless i was too busy trying to keep warm - or he said was taken prisoner...and we were at the cumbria end of the wall. my family name is celtic and my dad's family are from the scottish borders, and so far they've traced the family tree back to 1650. in gaelic our name is baile-an-deadhain so that a celtic language was spoken all the way up to edinburgh is more than likely - we come from between selkirk and hawick. v celtic influence in my family - mum's has roots in cornwall and there is also welsh i don't think but i had a great grandmother whose family name was welch!!!quite a few of them in the borders...and then i went to uni in brittany!!!!
  • now when i went on the hardians wall thing last march ( spiralite went too but was at boness) i was not far from lanercost abbey or priory or whatever (church thing anyway but build with bits of the wall after the romans left) and in our team we had a prof of roman imperialism who told us that st patrick was captured by the romans on the wall round about the point we were what was he doing in alba??? and did the romans send him to ireland as a punishment? a great granny of mine was from co clare and although i have never been a friend of mine whose family are also from there said if you go you'll understand why they maybe they sent him of to a roman gulag in clare?!
  • morning flower! just passing by to wish you a happy st patricks day - i hear he was a welsh man!!!!!! but then you probably know that! have a beautiful day, hugs to the tribe lovely, xxx
  • This got dropped into my email, not sure if you're interested!

  • hi,i'm 3 miles from ammaford,on top of betws mountain......
    looking forward love&peace horst
  • tryed to leave a mess. on raised bed thread,wouldn't let me...anyway if you in the area you're welcome to some timber for your raised beds
    love&peace horst
  • Lol so did I - but now we really are xx