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  • hey there steve - i have just tried to phone you and realise that I still have your old number....can you text me your new one please? last time you phoned i had nothing to save!!! so consequently when i was in london i couldn't phone you!!!!! moving poss mid oct weekend of 14/15/16 as long as the paperwork is complete. are you ok for that?
  • Hi mate, I hope so. I kind of lost touch with what phone number worked and what you were doing. Thinks have moved on a bit since then, I'm just about to launch my new all singing dancing gizmo. 22 watts output and rising!
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • Hi Steve, What happened with Facebook then? What's wrong with macafee...and why is Kapersky better? I hear such conflicting advice about all of them...Malwarebytes is supposed to be ok?
  • Hi Steve, not bad, fair to middling!!
    I saw that Yvonne had, had trouble with her account being hacked on Faceache! I'm not sure if that's how we managed to have problems on the PC and laptop, but we had a Trojan horse virus, and a few other issues that were pretty tricky to shift last week! I'm now very wary about FB and also opening unusual emails! These hackers should have their bits chopped off....it makes me so angry :( I've had to up the ante with macafee, and buy in something with quite a bit more protection!!! The cynical part of me (which is all of me :D), says that Macafee probably throws these warnings of viruses at you so you play into their hands..oh well, if that's the case it's worked, as I'm not prepared to take any chances!! Just loads of stress and nonsense! I had to have a deep filling at the dentist yesterday, and now my jaw if aching! I've got to take the boys back there today for their 6 monthly checkups.....it'll be like Groundhog Day :D
  • Hi Steve, how's it going? I'm on half term atm, which I'm glad about!! How is the enforced time off work going? :)
  • Hi Steve, how's you then? I'm back in the daily grind at work, and it's quite stressful atm....new kids and badly behaved ones at that!! Still it'll be half term in a couple of weeks...Yay!!!
    I go to my local gym, as well as doing yoga once a week, to help with overall fitness and for weight-bearing exercise for me aging bones! I'm noticing the difference already and feel I have far more energy and generally sleep better :)
    The apples are now ready on my tree (seems only 5 minutes ago we were discussing cider/wine making last year) I tried some of the cider I made last year (just recently) and it was not bad....it had certainly improved with age! I'm definitely thinking of going down the wine route this time, as my Mum and dad, and Granny before them used to make it....my Granny's was particularly lethal and she used to give it to us kids with an unknown alcohol content....haha....that's why I never got colds then, the apple wine killed off 99.9% of all household germs ;)
  • Hi Steve, not really! I've persuaded middle son to let me use his laptop when he is out of the house...so that is....as and when! Otherwise the mobile version is so crappy and logs me out every 10 seconds, I won't bother! I'll either get an old PC from school or save up for a new (and half decent) laptop!
    Hoping to go to the 9 Ladies gathering next Sunday.....hoping for fine weather! I can't beleive it's a year since we all met up at the Rollrights!!
    How's the world treating you atm?
  • hey lovely steve!!! am coming down to london on tues - will be realy busy wed/ thurs till teatime but will be staying down till sunday. shall we talk later? hugs, bee xxx
  • morning you! how's things? sending a cyber hug!!! xxx
  • The boiler needs a new divertor valve (common problem with combis apparently), although a new boiler might be required! I think it's quite an old model of boiler so it may not be worth fixing if it is going to constantly need fixing!
    Only 5 days more holiday before I go back to work next Tuesday...All good things have to come to an end I suppose, but I've enjoyed not having to get up early!
    My apple tree is laden again, will gave to have a go at apple wine this year!
  • Hi Beky,I'm glad you're sorted.It makes me wonder how much the guy you bought it from knew and wether that was the diesel leak.I'm not doing too bad thanks,just everything seems to be happening at once:panic:.we'll have to arrange to meet up at some point:)
  • Hey, it's going okay.. van engine man solved the mystery of my engine.. apparently one of the injectors had been bodged and was almost completely made of araldite.. he reckoned that's what could have killed it. But yeah, it's fixed now and I'm getting it back on Thursday :D
    How are you doing?
  • Ok ta! After last weeks toilet traumas I now have boiler blues (stupid combis are a waste of time!!!)Good news is that middle son passed all of his 11 Gcse exams with great grades, so I'm really pleased for him! Going to yoga tonight...I need it!!! How's you?
  • let the partying begin! :D hope it all works out well for you mate. some partying is well overdue i feel! :D x x x
  • i'm surviving thanks!how's you?
  • im ok thanks, a bit tired as JJ went into hospital yesterday to have her tonsils out again. I stayed overnight with her and of course, she is in pain so very little rest.
    The ankle is ok thanks, get the plaster off in 10 days which I camt wait for. We have some friemds over tomorrow and my brain isnt on the planet enough to make any plans lol
  • Hi Steve,

    Hows things?

  • I don't think it's happening on Sunday after all, got a text from Vikki!!
    The plumber came and sorted out the upstairs toilet...it was the syphon as I'd thought, he fitted a new one and an isolation valve, was here for an hour and only charged me £50!! Really decent, honest guy....quite refreshing that there are people out there not trying to rip you off all the time!! The downstairs toilet backed up this morning and flooded cos the upstairs on was out of action so I had to put on a long rubber glove and reach down to unblock it :vomit: but it's fine now!!
    Going to have a bit of a celebration as my eldest son did well in his A Levels :D
  • Morning Steve, I've been awake since 4.30am...couldn't sleep so it's going to be a long day!! Got the plumber coming this morning to sort out the loo, won't flush...oh joy, think it's a syphon problem! Fortunately I have a downstairs loo so we're not having to cross our legs :D Looking forward to the weekend, going to a party at a friend's house on Saturday, and she's hired my mate's Irish celidh band to play there, so should be a good night, then going to see Julian and Vikki on Sunday!
    You got anything planned yet?
  • Hi Steve, it was ok thanks! Made food and gf cakes and got some nice pressies from my sons....CDs and some wraparound iPod headphones! I'm off down to Glos tomorrow for the weekend as it's my niece's 30th birthday and we're having a bit of a party for her!
    You got plans?
  • Oops, turned out that engine was more fucked than I thought. Sorry I haven't been in touch, been trying to find a job for next month. Let me know if want to meet up for a pint sometime though xx
  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the message. If there is an accident to be had, it seems I am always the one to find it! I see it as protecting Julian and the kids from having to go through any pain lol
    The ankle was bearable until they took the plaster cast off this morning and put it in a plastic cast boot thing. It doesnt seem to be giving it the support it needs and it is very painful, burning and swollen, not nice at all. I may give it a couple of days and if not, go back to the hospital and ask them to put it into plaster to stop the pain.
    Hows things with you hun? xxx
  • Go to an evening showing....no kids then! I blub at films very easily....good job it's dark in the cinema!
  • Hi Steve :waves: I'm ok! Took the boys to see Toy Story today, if you get the opportunity, go and see it...I was in tears at the end (an emotional ending, as reported), the boys enjoyed it, especially as we wore 3D glasses!
    How are things with you?
  • Hey there... Thanks! I'm fine, the trip is still going on... Decided to stretch it out as long as I can last.. I don't really have much internet access nowadays so I almost never log in anymore.. I guess I might be around more in the winter again.. I hope you're doing well! Take care..
  • hey you!!! i am going to take h to the maritime museum at some point but we should be able to talk sometime over the weekend. i will only be in london over the 31st/1st so not for long i'm afraid. man that's rough with the job, but maybe the universe is just sending you in a different direction? you've been talking about it for long enough, so maybe its time to get proactive!!! have a good one - talk later? hugs
  • Hi Steve, how's it going?
    Still tired after the gathering....staying up to 3am gets to me these days!
    Anything planned for the weekend...taking boys to see Toy Story 3....and gardening if weather is not wet!
  • morning steve! just having a go on my computer as the boys are still asleep! will be heading south on the 31st but i know it's your day for long hours - typical! i will request a day for the next meet that suits!!!xxx
  • Hey mate :D Yes all good here thanks. Hope you're ok too :)