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  • I like you avatar.
  • Hiya Tehomet - Marie and I were in Rathvilly just outside Carlow at the weekend...is that very far from you?
  • Hi Tehomet. I grew up near Arklow.
  • Hi i'm from cork what part of ireland are you from?? is there many of use knocking around this place?? Paul.
  • Thank you:) xxxx
  • Just came by to say that I like your avatar :)
  • Hey :)
    I really like your avatar.
  • Thank you I have looked at some of your posts too , your interesting also
    lovely to have you on my list of buddies here
  • Hi there I have a love of the Irish and Irish folk music, I have in the past been technical director for an online via Paltalk radio station called Irish Republican Radio, my stand as always was human rights , was wondering what prompted you to want me as a freind
  • yes, that's why I have so much stuff . . .

    will be trying again this weekend, wish me luck
  • yes, that's why I have so much stuff . . .

    will be trying again this weekend
  • i was hoping to get to grips with a good deal of it while my girl's on a school trip, but been thwarted by various life stuffs.

    hopefully a visitor coming on friday will help galvanize me into action tomorrow

    it's the parting with potentially useful things i find hard ;)
  • I need a kick up the bum with the decluttering . . . in awe at your progress
  • Have a happy easter :)
  • Thankyou very much :)

  • Good evening

    Hope you do not mind me aying hi but noticed you live in Ireland. North or south.
    Was thinking for a while of buying a derilict houe out there in southern ireland and would be thankful for any info on life in the green isle

  • Thank you for the wonderful bog oak and yew pendants. Both of us love them.
  • Thanks, same to you. :)
  • [COLOR=Green]:waves:[FONT=Comic Sans MS] morning morning! :sunsmile:[SIZE=2]it's a lovely sunny day here - so far :sunflower[/SIZE]think we'll be going for a walk by the river in a bit :sunflower[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=Green][FONT=Comic Sans MS]wishing you a bright sunny day too :flower:[/FONT][/COLOR]