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  • Hey hun,

    I posted the patterns last week. I'm not sure if I've only just got your message or if its just gotten lost in the post. Give it a few more days and if they don't turn up I'll send your money back.

    Boz. x
  • Hi Virosa,

    It was [URL][/URL] - Hope that helps :D

    N x :flower:
  • Just figuring out how this works... I'm in Kilmarnock. You?
  • Book arrived today,have just read it from cover to cover..ta m'dear xxx
  • Did you get my private message?
  • :sunsmile:morning flower! :hug: friday woo!hoo! and another hippyfest for us this weekend -hadrians wall here we come!:sunflower:flower::sunflower have a beautiful day!
  • :hippy:morning flower! :sunflower:hug::sunflowerhave a peaceful one!:lee:xxx
  • :waves: morning lovely! :sunflower [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:hug: [/FONT][/SIZE]:sunflower have a beautiful sunday...:peace:
  • We had a lovely quiet tome just the three of us. Same as you for new year...snuggled up fast asleep. Yeah Conrad dug his car out so is managing to work but mine is still stuck-week 3 of being stuck now...! Hoping C can get my car out this weekend as I've got training on monday. Oaks not been out in snow much as its turned to ice and so deep and slippy, but hes enjoying watching from the warmth of the sling.
    Have to meet up once mobile again. Sorry for spelling-Oaks asleep on me...
    Love, xxx
  • :flower: morning lovely!:sunflowerno school again for h :xcoolsnow i have decided that i am going to clear the pavement outside out flat today :xsnowface it's thick ice and at least there will be a bit of pavement that peeps can walk on safely :xdeer: have a lovely day - and keep warm :monster:
  • Hey hun, did you have a good yule/new year? Wishing this snow would melt now so I could go for a walk/drive.... Anyways sending love to you guys from us. N x
  • [COLOR=Purple]:hug:[/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]morning lovely! i'm so glad it's sunday - we're almost back to normal again :lsd: have a wonderful day whatever you are doing.:sunflower[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Green]:waves: good morning :sunflower have a happy day :thumbup:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  • you're's a beautiful name...I'm a fan of celtic myth and legend :0)