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  • i meant i love your dog, im not talking properly today still fecking knackered xx
  • love your dog, hes beautiful
  • i dont know where u got guildford from......lol, i live in a village not far from maidstone infact im not far from headcorn where the small world is
  • hello mate, nice to hear from u, what did u do with the tree in the end? good luck with the boat
    im off to the rye maritime festival later, they got live bands, closest im going to get to a festival, havnt been to any this holiday, started summer work as soon as my daughters summer holiday started bad timing really but its just 2 days a week & its knackering me out, working in polly tunnels winding ivy up 6 foot trelisses & when we r not winding ivy we r planting it! cant get away from the stuff but there u go, its a start, didnt want to be on job seekers anymore.
    Anyway how have u 2 been, hope u r both well, is that your dog in the pic?
  • hello how r u?