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  • Hi Hope to make Cambridge this year on the bike but dont know much about Croperdy ? when and where is it?
    Have a great Christmas
  • Approximate is good, as I don't really follow recipes to the number ( I would say letter ).

    I am pretty good :) just trying to hope everything holds itself together until spring comes in my world:).

    I was wondering if you have any other interesting musicians you could recomend me ? I was also wondering if in addition to Joanna Newsome you liked... Tori Amos? Ani Deffranco? Karine Polwart? or similar excentric crazy singing women lol. I am just trying to find more interesting but calming music. :)
  • Hello :) How's things with you?
  • Mmmmmmmm that's lush. I have never watched videos of her actually.:hippy:

    Merry Christmas lovely x
  • I love Joanna Newsom toooo :)
  • Thanks for your very kind offer, I really appreciate it, but i'm already sorted on the pasta front!! :)
  • [IMG][/IMG]ello!! what do you mean by another local? it is more people there from this area? please let me know, I am in need of new friends and work from home is great don't you think? do you go to festivals? if so which one is your favorite? so many question hein?
    have a great weekend
  • brother, you are in didcot? guess what I am near you in Abingdon, enjoy all the snow :))
    and have a great weekend.
  • No I haven't! But not for the want of trying!! I bought a tent last year to go with a friend but they cried off at the last minute. This year ANOTHER friend? Let me down.....:o( I will make it next year...I hope x
  • Oh yes, KT is beyond brilliant, thank you for your message and here's a little ditty for you x
  • So you managed to get up ok this morning! Really tired....must go to bed earlier on a work night :yawn:
  • :waves: morning lovely! :sunflower it's absolutely beautiful here today! lots of sun and i don't have to go to work! :sun: have a tune for a summery morning...:hug: xxx
    [ame=""]YouTube- sunshine superman-Donovan[/ame]
  • [B][SIZE=4][COLOR=magenta]Vote Pink today xxxxx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  • thanks for the welcome
  • Hello indeed! It's so nice to meet another like-minded person :)
  • Hahaha. I just saw this now. I've been cutting down on VB time, but am trying hard not to replace it by wasting time at other forums. :D
  • Cheers, it was over a year ago I had help putting this one on, I can html things but can't do things this way. Duh :)
  • I don't know how to change it - I can't remember. I'd like just one pic in the background, one that doesn't say "Well fuck you, Mr Bear..."

    In september 2006, I made the BEST bean chilli ever. It blew the socks off all my nearly-ex-husband's housemates. He still remembers it today, bless.
  • Everytime I see your username, I miss beanfoods!

    Hi, don't think we've met yet.
  • Good afternoon :)
  • :waves: morning flower! :hug: :sunflower today i'm having a proper monday, and going into work to cover a shift - :sunflower hope you have a great day and a wonderful week!:hippy3:
  • :waves: good morning flower! :hippy3: the sky is trying to be blue here - but an indoor day for me anyway :sun2:have a lovely day:hug:
  • :sunsmile:morning flower! :hug: friday woo!hoo! and another hippyfest for us this weekend -hadrians wall here we come!:sunflower:flower::sunflower have a beautiful day!
  • :sunflower :flower: :sunflower morning flower!:hug:have a :heart:ly day xxx
  • :hippy:morning flower! :sunflower:hug::sunflowerhave a peaceful one!:lee:xxx
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]:wave: morning flower[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]![/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2] :flower: [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2] monday's come by again! [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]:sunflower [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]have a lovely week [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]:flower: and one of these [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]:hug: [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]xxx[/SIZE][/FONT]
  • :hippy: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]good morning lovely! :waves: have a wonderful (and sunny if poss!) day :sunflower[/FONT]
  • :hug: [SIZE=2][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkOrange]morning flower! [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]:sunflower [SIZE=2][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkOrange]hope your's is a happy sunny day [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]:sun:
  • :flower: morning lovely!:sunflowerno school again for h :xcoolsnow i have decided that i am going to clear the pavement outside out flat today :xsnowface it's thick ice and at least there will be a bit of pavement that peeps can walk on safely :xdeer: have a lovely day - and keep warm :monster:
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]:sunflower:bounce::sunflower[SIZE=4][B]happy new year [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]:sunflower:bounce::sunflowerxxx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]