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  • It's Friday now - have you found me someone to marry yet??? I mean, I know you're busy being a spy wand whatnot, but seeing it's YOU who's unavailable, I think you have some kind of responsibility to sort out my romantic life.....specially since I don't seem to be able to do it on my own.....
  • Nice boo(t)s by the way :)
  • I'm a now Twit (is that the term for twitter users??) on your recommendation. I currently only have one follower, so PLEASE add me - my username is cryptogeist. If that sounds too desperate and needy, then you just found out something else about me :):S
  • Morning Spook, tried to PM you but apparently "You have too many private messages stored in your inbox and you need to delete some" or something along those lines. Or maybe it was just a really subtle way of avoiding my message, in which case...well done, that's really good :) Hope you're Ok. Seeing as today is Sunday (isn't it?) I assume you'll not be working and thus be able to avoid your psychovore co-worker - hope that gives you a chance to recuperate some positive chi x
  • You're funny. In a good way. :)
  • Hi Lorna, If you can send a message to [EMAIL="coco.12@ntlworld.com"]coco.12@ntlworld.com[/EMAIL] with your email addy I'll send train times for you! p.s. Chlos says she will cook for you! lol xxx
  • Will ring later, Chloe is having an attack of nerves atm...sorry to mess you around x

    Oh the joy of teenagers!...lol
  • Yey, so happy the skirt fits you well :) Thanks hun! xx
  • Hi hun! Your inbox is full, but wanted you to know the skirt is in the post - hope you love it! Thankyou! xx
  • Aw lovely what's up with him? Nothing tooo serious I hope. Yes we are heading south - the family has been split up for 7 years[I][/I] since H and I had to go into hiding and now we are all moving there! My son Jez and his girlfriend are looking for a flat there - their rent is extortionate in Brighton - more than you would have to pay for a mortgage at £900 pcm ( which is what the landlord was putting up the rent to from 750) except they can't get one being 20 and 22 just out of studies and no savings.....I wanted to move back to London really but don't think I can actually live in the madness anymore. Chelmsford is the compromise - out of town but only 1/2 hour on the train....I don't have an exact date yet but will let you know when we do. Any chance you would be over here before we go ( we have at least a month!) Please send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery to K. Hugs, Bee xxx
  • yes - deffo on the mend. i think that 3 days of sun and being able to be outdoors has made a huge difference. hope you two managed to make the most of 15 hours!!! i remember those turnarounds and how stressful they are, having to watch the clock and all.
  • morning lovely! how's things? are you going to be over here anytime soon?
  • morning lovely! how's things with you? as there is a super moon tonight. we are having a goddess party with a fire pit in the garden at a mates house tonight. about to head out to go to h's gig, he's drumming with his samba school....then to do some tree planting and seed planting at a community event. have a beautiful day lovely, hugs xxx ps any idea when you are heading over this way???
  • hello petal! i am being soooooo lazy - i am diong the bare minimum of cooking and housework and am lazing about knitting!!! a mate is cooking a curry and bringing it round this evening. when i got back from hossie the energy in my bedroom was horrendous - it was like walking into a brick wall so i am camping in the living room and sleeping on the sofa bed. i have left the window open in my room with some chimes in it and have been burning nag dhampa.i will sort out the rest with a smudge stick when my energy levels are better. just have to wonder what i am carting back from the work place? i know i have to change jobs...are we going to see you anytime? hugs. bee xxx ps, thanks a million for rallying the hippies and passing on my message.
  • aw flower, that's not good news - your mates man i mean. when peeps pass so young it doesn't seem right. i had a serious conversation with H today about France - spoke with gthe bloke and i will know in june. i think they haven;t really secided what to do with it, keep it or sell it.....anyway i really won't be staying here.... btw, when are you coming to visit us? - lkike you get time!! hugs from us both, bee ccc
  • hey there,
    hope alls good your end. wow, it's happening to everyone on the job front. i left the country last time.....back in the early 80s. i did have a suggestion that i might like to go look after a villa in provence (complete with pool)....am seriously considering it. just got to persuade H!!! whats the MSc in missus? xxx
  • hi darlin
    it would be lovely to see you. not sure if i'll have a job soon what with the cutbacks......you have to come and see the kitchen in the flesh!!! peace light and love, bee xxx
  • Hey there! How did the wedding go? making a random fly by!!! Got a couple of days off so have some time to play a bit! hope all is good with you. xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • heya hun got your money thru ok..... was just thinking it probably would be best to hang on to the items til u can pic them up as id hate to think of the graphics tablet getting broken on the way? if you still want me to post them i can as ill be posting everything in the morning, let me know and send me your addy if you do want me to post them..... hope you are feeling better today hun :hug:
  • haha not quite just scarbourgh for a few days as i have a hospital apointment so thought weds stay at lewiss grandparents for a wee break by the sea.... we shall have to sort a time for you to come round after we get back if you dont make it by this week hun, hope things calm down for you soon :hug:
  • thats ok hun, work sounds a nightmare bless ya!!!! we are going away on sat and if im posting i want to get it done before i go away so if you cant get round by weds can we do paypal then please? sorry to be so pushy!!! if it is paypal itll be "5 if thats ok so it cover postage too hope thats ok luv fi!
  • hey hun how ya doin?? any closer to being able to pop round??? or do you just want to do paypal and ill send them off to you???
  • thats fine hun just text me as it stands we are in every afternoon so just let me know!!!
  • hey hun hows you? your inbox is full so ill put your message here instead lol! we are back in york for good now so let me know when you have an afternoon free to pop by to pick up and pay for your stuff... providing you still want it lol??? anyhoo let me know luv fi
  • 'ello flower!!! been having a sneaky visit here....but have to go and do the brunch. am hoping to post the pics of the kitchen shortly....just have to get on the other lappy. how's you? xxx
  • Well here is my mugshot-it is me unfortunately
  • Hello spiralite,well im back again.The move didnt go to plan so im in rugby still x
  • if you want i can run up a cd when i get home with some of my stuff on it. its sort of Drum'n'bass / techno / trance type stuff . let me know if your interested.
  • hiya spiral im fine thanks. shame you wont be there for the gathering. will post up some pics when i get back. yeah i like it here. people are nice and seem to have the time of day for one another which is what its all about. had a good weekend had a picnic by the lake with my daughter. lovely wearher here still. whats it like up your end.