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  • The less-than-pinkness of the hair may explain it, although the tattoos would have done it all on their own!!! If you're headin to the Knock, giz a bell on 07980635895 if you got transport, and I'll help wi diesel costs. have to blag it this year, as I cant count on having enuf cash. Just spent 3+half days removing asbestos and glass roof for £100!!!! my earnings are what you'd call "pitiful" just now. Could meet at first layby after suspension brig, or at Tesco carpark. I got a bigish tent etc, so no probs there, though i'll prob be up at nite, kippin in trees during day.....

    Good to meet you anyway

    PS Gretchen Fetchin is a character in "The Elecctric Kool-aid Acid Test", and I think she gets pregnant simply by sleeping in one of the beds on "The Bus", though it's been a long time since I read it - I was 15!!!!
  • How can I possibly have missed you Fetchin Gretchin!!! It's only a wee toon.....
  • Hiya *checks profile for real name* dru, cheers for the friend request! How are you?

    Take care,
    Tom :)