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  • :hippy:Good morning hunny - looks likeit might be rain here today - perfect day for hiding out at work. Hope the suns shining where you are :sunsmile:
  • i'll email you and try for a pic tomorrow but i think i digital camrea has died.
    it is pretty much the same length as in my profile pic, but think fringe!!

    abby xx
  • hi, good to 'meet' you at last - dj said i should speak to you as you are ace at doing dreads - yours ar gorgeous btw. would you consider doing mine? how long would it take and how much would it cost? my hair is below shoulder length but has a fringe which might have to be left out...........

    thanks for reading,

    abby xx
  • hey, just saw yr pic on the dreadhead thread:) your dreads are gorgeous:) i hope mine end up like that, just had them put in a few days ago. :)
  • Sure no problem :) If you'd like to give us your email i can send you details of where/when we have times etc.
  • just a lot of neating up around the root and doing some think with the loose hairs cos there done natral but the last bit dont want to go for some reasion.
  • hay girl you say you like dreading was wounding if you would like to do some mantens on my hair cos your in the same part of the would as me and evey one i know is too lazy down my end, would make it worth your trip (or mine) and your dreads look sweet by the way.
  • hey there, just to let u know that there is an eco festival at headcorn from the 21may to the 25may, its called small world spring festival , check it out on google or what ever search engine u have, oh & nice to meet u