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  • *Gymraeg.

    There's a mutation there.
  • I can't say much. There's been a lot of dealings with the solicitor for a few months. It has been very stressful. But onwards and upwards. Dinky is doing well, she's on the potty now, of her own accord. I'm trying to keep up with my OU degree work. And I speak almost fluent Welsh. Mae rhaid i fi ymarfer mwy o Cymraeg!
  • His Royal Jeffness!!! How are you? Sut mae? I hope you're keeping your Suzanne well!
  • You're welcome to it - and you can have this chilly north wind while you're at it! Roll on summer! :hippy:
  • Have you been to Ireland? There are thousands of grey fergies there, in fact I think most of the ones that get sold here end up there. In 2002 one of Massey's Irish dealers told me there were four hundred of them at a local ploughing contest!
  • Ahead of its time probably. Have you used a ferguson jack to get all four wheels off the ground? That's quite surprising for the youngsters. I used to like playing with pressure control too. Years ago I had a huge book with all the available implements, I wish I still had it, there were some gems like the log grab, remember that? Very cool of you to put the operators manual up on your site incidentally, I hope people appreciate it.
  • Nice one. You've probably forgotten more about them than I ever knew, I started at the beginning of the 200 series, though I saw a lot of 1oo series back in the day and we've all seen 35's all over the plae. Shame we don't seem to see the early implements around too much, there was a list of clever little bits of kit as long as your arm...
  • Hahahaha. Ahem. Would those be your bikes by any chance Jeff?
  • Do you actually do any work!!!! Ha Ha you are always busy on here!!!!
  • 'Fraid so, I used to work for Ferguson dontcha' know! Taught Ethiopians how to fettle them, Egyptians how to assemble them and Indonesians how to drive them. :D There must be an owners club on the web somewhere, for the serious anorak:grin:
  • Wotcha Jeff, what image? I see no image! (Though I am tractor boy, its true! Well, combine harvester boy really...:o)
  • not to mention cold......but we are expecting you at some point or we'll have a strop! ok?
  • Really - towards Denmark???? lol
  • yes on i player. H was allowed to stay up as he is so into science and maths and astronomy. He was on the live chat and furiously typing questions but sadly didn't get any answered. are you travelling down to Wilts? on a school day? Will PM you out new addy so you can pop in perhaps on the way back? It's not too far off your track, ha ha! xxx
  • have you seen BBC2s Stargazing - you should send them some of your moon pics -
  • a350 m4 m25 m11 a11 a14 a11 :D
  • Ah, so you must drive down near excuses!!!!!
  • My eldest is confining me to barracks - he even did the walk to school with H. I have this miserable coldy flu thing and it's really pissed me off. I started using a mix of tumeric and honey yesterday and this morning I am a lot better....when am I going to see you two? are you still up in these parts or did you move closer to Suze? xxx
  • Morning Flower!!!! Hope all is good with you......
  • Hello stranger! Lovely to hear from you. I am ok thank you. How are you? xx
  • hi jeff not so bad thanks
    had a bit of a nervey do but touch wood its clearing
    hows you and suzanne
    all good i hope
  • Haha, nope, But I haven't spent much time down that neck of the woods. There is a teeny tiny beach I went to once, you had to take a litle walk to get to it from the road, it was dead pretty, really very pretty and I was told that was a beach where some nudist swimmers went. It was a rather quiet place. I have tried to find it since but to no avail.

    It is a rather frosty day here, very prettilly so, how is it with you?
  • Hi
    All is not so bad getting better by the day :) hope all is well with you....
  • Hello honey :) have a safe drive westwards :) am gonna wait til weather a bit more reliable and then suggest a hippy walk and pub thing over near cadbury castle :) been ages since i saw you both :) hope all is well and good xxxx
  • hey boy and lovely lady xxx
  • Ha this is where you are!!! I`ve been looking for you x x x x
  • HS2 is that stupid high speed train 220 miles an hour , the goverment have just ok`ed it 13 billion and you can bet the tax payer will fit half the bill , why the hell should we have to pay for something we will probley need use or can afford , they put all our taxes up , and now they will put them up even more , when was the last time anyone real got a pay rise , sorry idiots piss me off they call them MPs you know
  • I actually have no idea what HS2 is, care to enlighten me? That word feels wierd on the hippy website haha.

    I haven't been up to anything good by usual standards, but I did just fill in a very important form which is reallyy great:D unfortunately it was meant to be in either today or tomorrow, hopefullt if I deliver by hand all will be well tomorrow :). I want to up to something good, painting pretty patterns! I have always been big on painting still life and stuff, but as I haven't done that in so so long, I have decided there is nothing wrong with painting flowers on my walls, so soon I will be up to that.
  • Hey Jeff :). How are you?
  • Yep he makes fire, collects wood, and cooks :) . He's also a sound engine, can play the guitar and had his own pc shop for 16yrs. My mobility scooter is perfect for loading bits of branches etc on....we're working on trying to make a trailer for it. We saw an abandoned kids bike today, so we're going to go back and get the wheels off it tomorrow ....just need the rest to go with it then lol !!! xxx