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  • Am is very well thanks ,just tootling along doing this and that ,apart from to day coz its me birthday so the electric guitar has had a good twanging coz im aloud to make as much noise as i like to day :D
  • Hi Interesting strange lady....friends is good :) Hope you're all well and good and happy. Stay in touch....
  • You lady where you been xxx Ok its my fault i aint been on alot , hopes you is all ok and stuff
  • Hi hannah, saw your shed thred and thought i'd pop buy, sounds silly just going to the end of the garden and sitting in a wooden box, but once that doors shut you could be anywhere, tis lovleh, wish you the best :)
  • Hello new buddy. How are you. Hope all is well in whatever land your living. Im off to make candle stick holderS. BYE XXX
  • Hi hun saw your thread on wicca etc...I run a pagan forum [url][/url] you might find some interesting reading on there x
  • Hello :) How are you? x
  • :waves:[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][SIZE=3][COLOR=magenta] good morning to you too....hope you have a very jolly day![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/FONT]
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][SIZE=3][COLOR=magenta] :peace: and :hippylove[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/FONT]