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  • :sunflower morning flower! :woohoo: it's such a beautiful morning...:sun: feeling quite energetic :bounce: :sunflower have a wonderful easter weekend :hug:
  • morning flower! have a lovely weekend.....and a tune...
    [ame=""]YouTube- Wailin' Jennys - Arlington[/ame]
  • :D:DLove your chooken photos!!! And Mark dancing with the tree trunk!!
  • THanky you chicken mama!! And thank Mark for me.. very much...I wil try it later on this arvo.!!!!!:D:D:D
  • :hippy: morning flower! :waves: think it's going to be a bit of an indoor crafty day today....really not up for a soggy time out doors!:sunflower have a lovely weekend:hug: and a have a tune.....
    [ame=""]YouTube- Celtus Waiting for the rain[/ame]
  • Heeloo Beautiful lady!!:hug: Lovely to see the pics of your chookens eggs on flickr.

    How do I upload from flickr? Would rather use flickr than photobatch if I could.

    Did you bake a yummy cake?:D
  • Hiya ...I was just reading your description of the wind chime you're making on catkins visitors page, it sounds amazing, hope you're going to share pics of it when it's fired :) xxx
  • Hey kelkaricooliochookeeper ( omg I remembered it...Ithink)!!!!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and squeezes without sneezes.. I will pass them on to lilly pilly ... she will be over the moon when I tell her about the clay.

    WHats teal edging? Did you mean the colour? Que? I thought about the salt but I'm not so keen on it for this one..maybe..dunno?

    Have a happy cake balancing chook keeping gentle gardening kind of day:D:D:D
  • Hey ! Kari:hug:

    OOOooh I want do therapeutical pottery tooo! May well take you up on the offer of a clay day! Would love to come a see you today but Lilly has got Joshua's cold and is home in bed...bummer!!!!! Really want to see your chookens... and you of course!!!!!!

    YOur poettery sounds sooo amazing ..I love ceramics! Your wind chime sounds so full of spirit and mystery.. it will be lovely!!

    Glad you like the painting.. I really want to get more depth into the sky.. but I don't know how.. I guess it's just a case of practice practice practice!!!!

    Have a lovely chooky day.:waves:..mmmm really wish I was coming over:(xxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo
  • :waves: morning flower! :hug:woohoo! nearly the weekend....:sunflower:redsun::sunflowerh ave a wonderful day!:hippylovethis is a tune a mate sent me after he saw the pics of hadrians wall and so i thought i'd share... lovely to see a celtic acoustic band of girlies!!!
    [ame=""]YouTube- The Poozies-We built fire[/ame]
  • SO sorry Kari... about the xmas thingys... :obut the snow it melts the soonest is not a xmas song... just a winter tune. :hug:

    DO you do pottery? Lilly will be sooo jealous she'd love to do pottery... what are you making?? :redsun:

    I know of 2 different types of curry plant.. I'm guessing your's has got small grey leaves and smells a bit like curry powder? Am i right?
  • Not Christmas at sea ... wrong one.. The snow it melts the soonest. Sorry I don't often listen to the word of songs so I always get the names mixed up. I know what track no it is though????
  • BoY those chookens must be in training for olympic egg laying??!!
    We kept chooks for years and it was very rare that they laid more than one each a day. Have you had any double yolkers yet? They're really cool!!

    Thanks for the offer of eggs.. I really wasn't hinting .. but would be happy to take extras off your hands if you have any. If we get bee's we will bee able to give you some honey. But Surinder says it'll be a year before we take any honey off them. We are going for the Warre hive method which only takes away the excess honey that the bees don't need. Did you know in the conventional method they take away all the honey and feed the bees on sugar water???? No wonder the bees are getting sick!!!!

    I'm feeling a little better this afternoon... must just stay CALM!!! HAve been listening to Stings Christmas album... God only knows why???? but there are a couple of old folk songs he has revamped which are lovely. YOu like folk don't you? If you do try "Christmas at sea" on you tube!

    I'm so sorry your ppain is not under control... it's so frustrating to watch doctors faff around .... still I suppose they are doing their best!!! On the alternative side of things, The Sacred Trust have a list of Shamanic healers you might like to look at. YOu've also got a pranic healer in Frome called Anni Tuffnell. Haven't tried any of them so I can't tell you whether they are the real deal or quacks?! I know it's so hard to get motivated to do anything new when you are feeling lousy but just a thought?

    Love and hugs to you and all your furred and feathered ones Catkinxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo
  • WOW!! Those chookens really love you... I hope you love eggs?! I'll start saving my egg cartons for you.
    Really hope you start feeling better soon Kari.. there has got to be something to relieve all the pain.
    I'm ok.... but could do without the dizziness which seems to have made a reappearance . More meditation for me!!!! The only prob is I'm only interested in getting stuff out the way so I can draw.... everything else is an inconvenience. Must change that attitude!

    ENjoy your chookens... Ilove the contented clucking sound they make when they lay an egg... so proud of themselves they are!!:D:D:D

    LOve and Hugs Catkinxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooo
  • Hey Gorgeous !!! :hug:I was beginning to worry about you!!! So glad you've got your chookens!! Three eggs is amazing so soon after you've got them . they must really love your home. Have you named them? Are there any pics?
    I wonder what the pushka's will make of them!!
  • :waves: morning flower! :sunflower :redsun:have a great week and a peaceful day!:hippy:
  • Morning kari!!!! :hug:Hope you managed to get some of that sunshine on the weekend. We actually managed to spend some time in the garden yesterday... and there were a few mumbles about chickens??? So you never know. Surinder has also decided to keep bees... he has bought a hive and is planning to keep them up the road in the woods... Mmmm honey!!!!
    Love and Huggles catkinxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I know it sux doesn't!!! You reaaly need a good movie!!!
  • Cliffs got it at the mo. Will get it to you when he's finished with it. Rest up Kari, this will all pass in time. Wish I knew a good pranic healer for you! There must be something that will help you. I'm going to think about this. Do you have a Shamanic healer?
  • Heya Kari:hug::hug::hug:... You poor thing!!!! Sending lot's of healing thoughts ... big ones!!! Yes it's bloody freezing and the sun doesn't seem to be making a blind bit of difference. I hope you're sniggled ?( sorry snuggled) up in front of the fire watching something nice. Have you seen inaccessible pinnacle? It's a lovely gaelic film. I'll lend it to you if you like?
  • :redsun::redsun::redsun:Another sunny day!! Yippeee!!! Went to see Micmacs last night.. definitely worth seeing!!
  • Okie doke! Why is the master shouting at the coal???? Just curious.
    I'm ok if you just want to lay around on the stress or bother just coming to say hello! I've got a tawny owl feather for you!
  • :waves:Hey Kari, I know I said I'd email today , I got a little side tracked with a watercolour ! Arghhhhhhh! Anyways, leaving aside your thing for upside down 'Y's and vampira's backside, I was wondering if friday would be any good for you? For me to visit that is, nothing to do with the afore mentioned tanatalizing but totally 2 dimensional ...thingys. Boy my vocab is shocking I think I'll stick to drawing!!
  • Heelloo! How are the bird feeders going? Any pics?
  • Merry Christmas lovely. x
  • Thanks for adding me :)
  • Hello Kel. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Yes I am slightly obsessed with owls especially barn owls. Do you play drums too?
  • Thankyou :) It's something Ben and I have spoken about so much but who knows....maybe it will happen, maybe it won't, but it's nice to dream :flower:
  • Wot'cha,
    My pooter is too old to deal with these friends bits. Sorry. I'm not ignoring you - my pooter won't let me do stuff. If you wanna keep in touch you might try the band email: [email][/email]
    Sorry, t'is the best I can do until Voiceprint cough up some royalties so I can buy a new pooter. Erg, Am soooooooo poor. Oh me.
    Or do that internal UKH message thing.

    Cheers - Daddy Al
  • You have to excuse me because I can't always find my way around these 'big' sites, replying and so forth; my pooter (iMac) is a bit old and doesn't like complicated stuff and things.

    Thanks for your kind words. I can't be tossed with Feckbook and all we Band have got is MySplod - which is a flaming nightmare to maintain - which is not, let me tell you, Mac friendly. Drat! And darn it all to heck.

    Aphex Twin; did you not see my stunning full page appearance in the June issue of Q-Magazine? You lucky bastard. I saw it and it was rubbish, as always the wind machine shot was bigger than the article, over shadowed for ever by that flipping image. On a lighter note - guess which express was banned in our household by my dready sons?

    Anyhoooo must dash. We Trolley Men are in the middle of Norfolk, in the middle of recording our album, in the middle of a fag break. My guitarist, Bernie Elliott, keeps asking me why I keep writing songs about hippies. He thinks they're boing. I find them facinating ... I wish I knew why.

    Love & peas (as my son used to misspell it) - Daddy Al