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  • Yeah, sure, no problem, quite new on here myself
  • you back from ireland yet and enjoy yourself
  • hey, u still wanting to live outdoors?
  • well im back again,got new lappy now
  • o yeah, my dream is never to frown again, smilings much better for the soul, not a big ask really simple things and all that. x
  • yeah been ireland grand parants where form tipp, maybe i'll pass though and share a bowl of soup with u, love to meet u, love cool people. speak soon. love and hugs. john.
  • hi born london, now residing in eastbourne but hopefully going to hit the road very soon, changing my life for the better, selling my business and going. hav'nt felt this excited since being a kid chrismas morning. what about u where u living what are your hopes and dream.
  • hehe hats ok. Just posted you some stuff about Ireland. I was there in April, its not looking good at the mo...
  • [URL][/URL]

    Overly concerned with detail, correct useage of terminology etc... - No it doesn't mean I go round correcting everyones spelling...
  • ive got to agree with you there too garage doesnt do it for me either but im quite open minded and will isten to alot of stuff but my major taste is more with goth type stuff
  • lol thanx sadly i dont have them anymore, i got my hair cut a little shorter and dont think theyd look to great anymore but want to get dreads in a few months........ i see you like linkin park me too lol ive loved them since i was 14!!!
  • hey haha. Nah cba to work, finishing school starting college in september doing music tech,english photography and media :) should be cool. how bout you?
  • :) hey tah. Near wales
  • hi was'nt being forward pressed the wrong button, hi anyway
  • Yep still up. I will not be sad now :)
  • Not at the moment :(
  • pmed u my msn
  • well.. thats ok then:insane:..its only when you parked on a steep hill buckets can be..err..interesting:D
  • okay speak to you later hun
  • im lucky to be single again now,too much upset recently-she was horrible
  • how you doing - i cant sleep x
  • Hi there, South London boy here! Welcome fellow newbie!
  • of till sunday be bck then have a fun week end evthyone xxx
  • feel better now there are people to chat to on new to this site-been on it 4 weeks.even though it would be nice to meet up with some soon
  • Hello :waves:
    Nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy the forum x x
  • lol yeah i know what you mean but to do it the illigal way is alot easier and cheaper to do comes with more risk of losing all the hard work you put into it tho if you do get caught lol but risk is good ;)
  • lol well do some research and stuff before you do so you will be well prepared its a really great ideal to have and a goal to achieve :) lol im going about it the illigal way because im not getting planning permission im not going to purchase the land lol just going to go for it and hope i dont get found out lol
  • lol so when you looking at free living then?
  • I think I just messaged back to myself.....I really dont know what I am doing....... ok try again and I hope you get this.......thank you you sleep well too!!!!! hope it worked
  • I`m good. pleased to meet you. just got in from work and really should go to bed.