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  • Hi mr. ayurvedic, thanks for the comment! :D I see you're a fairly new member - in that case, welcome to UK Hippy! :hippy3: Aye, Napalm Death are awesome. Yeah, I find 'Enslavement...' better in some ways, but 'Scum' is always the one that sticks in my mind, it being both their debut album and the first album I heard by them. 'Siege Of Power' is a classic, and I still nearly piss myself laughing every time I hear 'You Suffer'. :madlol: :insane: I don't remember a track called 'Weak Minds' on 'Enslavement...', d'you mean the opening track 'Evolved As One', where he screams "Your weak minds!" at the end of it? Anyway, I've rambled on enough, as you can probably tell, I'm quite passionate about music! :rock: Take care :)