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  • thank you for telling me. :) much appreciated, coz i wasn't sure if i was a little too harsh.
  • [FONT=Arial]Aha good point merry hill isnt the most desirable of places. I only ever tend to go up there with my mom lol. Nah towns good cos it really is in the middle so meetin friends who live a little further its just like meetin half way. Right im off to bed, talk soon.[/FONT]
  • No way so he's an SLT lifeguard?! So am i! Lol, Thimblemill i'm at. And cool i dont go up often anymore, its more to actually shop now than socialise aha. Where you tend to go up there?
  • [FONT=Arial]Ahh most my mates are from up Erdington, they have a good accent. I work with loads of people from the black country so i have a twinge of it >.< And your mates right, id say most of it is cleanin and the rest is baby sitting! Where does your mate lifeguard? You ever go into the city centre? [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]Oooh do you have the black country accent? And aww helpin your gran thats nice lol :) Ive been at work, it proper dragged (im a lifeguard and believe it or not watching people swim isn't the most thrilling thing you can do!). Am going out tomorrow for a drink if i can, despite the low funds![/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]Oh cool, youre not far from me then. I wont be living in smethwick for long, getting college out the way and i'm leaving the dump! So what you been upto this weekend? [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]Smethwick...beautiful area *cough cough*. What about you? [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]Heya :) I've been alright ta, got a cold from camping but it was well worth it. How you been? [/FONT]
  • Hey hun, sorry for the late reply I had to hit the camp bed in the end i was very very tired lol! But yeah Carbohydrates is the way forward for you then! Yes I agree with the whole driving lessons doesnt make THAT MUCH of a difference...I miss my car but I dont miss the polution!

    Wednesday x
  • Are you trying to bulk up in a pu on muscle sense? or just put on weight? This all depends on your dietary limitations but in order to produce lean and good muscle you should protein load (eat 1g of protein per lb of body fat) everyday and also do weights. But if you just want to bulk up carbs is the way to do it! ok it makes you feel bloated and aids water retention but it bulks you out. Sorry im a diet and fitness freak now lol. I sold the car A. Because it was the last 'big' thing i wanted to do to live more eco-friendly (i push bike everywhere now) and B. because it was costing me too much to keep it, the insurance was sky high and it ate petrol like it was going out of fashion lol!

  • Unlucky, well i sold my car yesterday, a lovely 2001 mondeo zetec for £450 to one of those companies...GUTTED haha. I gave up the whole drinking thing when i decided to loose weight but now i lost 3 stones and im like hmmmmm, i fancy a pint lol!
  • Oh dear! I am sorry to hear of said invasion! Over cast you say! Shame! Lincoln is as dreay as it ever was, again its a shame as it is such a beautiful place but the grey and overcast weather lends it no favours lol! So...been up to anything exciting recently?
  • Hey, I'm great thanks and you? Hows sunny Birmingham?

    Wednesday xx
  • cool, maybe you can introduce me to them and we have build up the brummy hippies !
  • To be honest, i'm in to pretty much everything. haha
    you okay?:)xxx
  • it's nice to meet you :), are you in touch with other west midlands hippies here?
  • i'm from haymills near sheldon, nice to hear from you Alex! where about you from in the brum?
  • Watching them at Glastonbury?
  • uhoh!
  • Well Done!
  • Call Of Duty 5?
  • Watching the soaps you?
  • I did indeed!:D
    Nah its okay don't worry:)
  • Ahh lucky bastard. I don't!
    This is true.... but you're under age:P
    (Totally kidding I've been drinking since I was, abotu 13...14 at a push...)

    LOL! @ Bill Hicks.
  • Ew, I hate buses.
    Shame I have to get them EVERYWHERE.
    Oh my- ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL!!!
  • I'm gooooooood. Getting ready to go to my college awards/leavers piss up. You?
  • hiya, we share the same name, just out here making local birmingham friends, peace
  • I wouldn't mind a German Holiday home :D That'd be awesome
  • I never want someone to knock on my door and ask for eggs... :eek: