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  • Hello
  • Hows things Colin?
  • Thanks Colin! :waves:
  • Brilliant! Will have a good read of that tonight. We are on the Berkshire/Surrey boarder.
  • Hiya Colin. Any chance I could pick your brains a bit about the insulation on my horse box? And do you have a web link to what celotex you used. Thanks ?.
  • Hi Colin. I have really tried with the picture posting but to no avail. The problem is that Our only Internet access is thru my ancient, decrepit I-phone whose life is now very limited, and it is just not up to it. I have even tried using it in conjunction with my hi-tec whiz kid daughter's laptop, again it was having none of it. The phone may be replaced shortly and I will then try again. It's not that I'm not posting the pics for any other reason than that; believe you me I do want to! We are fiercely proud of our home and do try and protect her by remaining under the radar and stealthy as much as possible, but that's another issue. Really like your truck by the way! Keep on truckin with Toby n Suzy Trux.
  • Hi Colin, thanks for posting some help in my thread about converting this 7.5 ton i bought. I've been looking into woodburners, and was wondering what size/ kw output you bought from Julian to put in yours?

    Kind regards, Mike.
  • Hello there Colin. Hope you are getting on well with Mavis. The pictures sure look good.
    By for now and keep on truckin!
  • :waves: :D
  • Sounds good to me. Off to Wales this weekend so will be in touch after Easter. Is it still ok to park up on the farm for a night before and after the festival? Makes the ferries so much cheaper!
  • Hello to you too. Sad about Lloyd. Thought i'd better pop in to show my respects.
    Will be booking ferry soon but haven't seen any deals like last year yet. Hope you lot are well. Speak to you soon.
  • thanks for the heads up bro
  • No, I stayed in . Too cold for me old bones! All the old bike injuries play up in the cold now! Summer I'm fine but in Winter I now have to make the decision to go anywhere on the day. Winter sucks!. Glad you had a good 'un:) mate.
  • Ok. Where ya drinking? Is that place opp the multi storey under the flyover still a pub?
  • That should be good on Sunday. Saw them at Weyfest a couple of years ago and they were brill. I thought about it for Sunday but I'll decide on the day. There's still tickets left and even if it does sell out there's always people selling their 'mates wot didn't turn up' tickets and they're usually desperate to sell the nearer to the start it gets!
  • No Change. Haven't started on van yet but at least the shop roof is finished so i can get on with the planning application. Hows you?
  • What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing back on a rustic setting such as this?:waves:
  • I miss you on word association in the mornings :(
  • Love ya dude. x
  • Take Care, Just do what you have got to do, follow your heart MF x :)
  • I have 9wxyz that works on here!!!! xxx
  • :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug:
  • [FONT=Verdana]Hey lovely Colin - Just popping by to say have a lovely weekend. Are you of to the island? It's very windy... so if you are have a safe trip. Peace light love and hugs Bee xxx[/FONT]
  • Aw flower! you know that when you think it is time to change the energy it's time!!! You know what you don't want to be like so that on it's own is very empowering. I got a call from a girl who wants to move to Essex and is in Brighton not too far from my son Jez. The down side is it's a one bed flat but she wants to be where I am and we may be able to do what they call a multi swap.. otherwise I'll just move down and see if I can get a 2 bed when I am down. The point is I need to be there and then it will be easier. Brighton is a doddle from where you are!!! Yes I think we should have a lovely get together at New Year def. Thanks for the random hugs!!! I just got back from delivering a couple of workshops, one on Possibility and Abundance and the other on meditation/Visualisations, just enough time for soup and now i have to go out in that nasty cold wind and get H from school.....oh well. It's Friday!!!! xxx
  • Do you mean on New Years Day? I don't have any plans for New Year at the moment. And I love the sea!!! I feel most at home there. At the mo I am trying to do a house exchange for East Sussex so I can be really close to the family who are in Brighton or South London. I hate Essex.....( apart from lots of mistletoe in the trees!)
    Any gathering of course there will be I might have to make a spare one for you!
    How are you feeling today? You know, if you are good at your job, and you have been there for a while, I doubt very much that you will have to look for a new job. Unless they are total wankers there...

  • I'll have to work out how I can get a cake to you now!!!! Maybe one day on the way to Brighton?
  • Thanks colin,and may you have a nice warm and dry winter,with positivity surrounding you on every side.
    speak soon.
    Love and light
  • Hi Colin! I've been quite busy lately, but thought I'd drop by and say "hi" and "how's things?" :)
  • <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" smilieid="1" class="inlineimg"> thank you! xxx
  • :) thank you! xxx